My real mom told me she was moving in with me and now I am stressed: Advice?

I need some advice please, I know I will be judged but, My birth mother, who did not raise me, just gave me less than two-week notice that she’s moving in with me. She and her three pets are coming from a different state. I have already got so much on my plate. I am scared to admit that I’m already stressed out. I am getting married in a month; my second job starts Saturday. I have four kids and three pets of my own. I have to move her into my autistic daughter’s room, and she’s very stressed with change. Now I do have time to prep my daughter. But I have two other kids with different needs as well, and I’m just stressed. My roof is getting repaired, my dryer just busted, and more, I have so much going on. Is it wrong that I am more upset then I am happy, I feel its bad timing? I feel like this makes me a bad person for being upset. My mom’s not even old enough to need help, yet shes still young, and we have a good relationship, so these are good bonuses. Please help me feel better about myself.


It’s your house, say NO!


Tell her now isn’t a good time. It’s your house.

YOUR house YOUR rules tell her no

Girl say no. You will feel like a million dollars!

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i would tell her no?

Uh no you have to say no

You have a say in who lives with you… just say no.

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Does she realize the stress she’s bringing you? My mom moved in with us a few months ago. We asked her, had time to really plan and it is still stressful.


Uh…tell her no? You don’t HAVE to let her.

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Maybe instead of seeing it as a burden … maybe she can help lighten your load


Hahaha ummm NOPE!!! She can’t tell you what she is doing with YOUR HOME and not like she’s done much for you by the sounds of it! She’s not entitled to SHIT!!! Bye bye

Tell her no. You have that right. Nobody can just tell you they are moving in


It’s your jouse so just say NO! She didn’t ask to stay with you, she told you. Umm hell no! You have too much going on and you have a full house. So just say she has to stay somewhere else


And don’t feel guilty for your decision.


It’s your house say no. There is no law saying you have to let her move in with you, just because she is your mother. Put your kids and your needs first.


Talk to her! Is she on the verge of homelessness? If not then tell her its not a good time. If she has no other choice but to come to you please be charitable. A lot of times people think we can write off people in true need because it makes us uncomfortable. At the end of the day she’s your family and if she NEEDS help, help her. If shes only moving because she wants to be close to you or wants her life to be easier then say NO and dont feel bad.


You’re a grown up, she can’t just invite herself to your house. I’d tell her you don’t have room or means to support her.


Honestly, situations where family or friends move in rarely go well and your mother sounds like she has boundary issues to just pop this on you rather than bring it up and discuss it. What a tough situation. I’m sorry you’re going through this!


Say no plain and simple