My sister found out she is pregnant and the dads mom won't let him be there: Advice?

My teenage sister just found out she’s pregnant, and her boyfriends mom is refusing to let him see her or have anything to do with the baby. is there a law or something that can help him out once the baby gets here? They live in California if that makes a difference.


Yea they both teenagers

Parents are in control


The court system is a wonderful thing that his mom can’t control even if he is under 18. Since he made a child and since your sister is pregnant they are both automatically emancipated. I went through this myself.


If he wants to see her, he’ll find a way


If they are 17, they technically can get married in my state. That mother is making the worst mistake. He will have revenge and will rebel against her. The mother needs to be there for all in the situation and not make it worse.

Yes it was many many years ago for me but I petition for emancipation

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The family can’t do that. They can try but all that will do is make him hate them.
He will see her and be a father IF HE WANTS TO BE!


No runaway law. He can do whatever he wants.

Not till he is 18…but as soon as the mom files for child support the courts will get involved and they will not care what grandmom had to say


I dont think your emancipated until after the baby is born I could be wrong I can’t remember I had daughter at 15 as was automatically emancipated after I had her


this is horrible. as a Mother of a son I can imagine the Grandmother is probably very shocked, but he’ll be the Father regardless. i live in Germany but can’t you go to the child welfare service and ask or a place where under aged Mothers can seek help or support?

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I hope he gets to see the baby when it’s born.

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Emancipation! He can file for it.

The baby dad needs to grow some balls and tell his mother where to go … and be there for that baby … The baby did not ask to be born


Get a Legal Aid involved. Maybe after emancipation the young mom’s family will help them be together. To bad the dads mom is acting like that.

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How Irresponsible Of Her


Smh so she denies her grand baby :cry: Not going to lie I would b upset to hear that bcuz of their age about having a baby but still :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Issa bby :baby::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Why are the parents doing this for? If the father wants to be in babylife why are they against it so it will only hurt the child in the end because parents are actin like children themselves


Went through teenage son 15 and girl 15 .as his mother I stood by him she ended up at my house for her parents helped her move out in SC that made me responsible for all 3 I made sure both finished school and college in the end she moved on with her life and Im still helping (me raising) my son raise my grand it’s been 19 years now and we still haven’t seen or heard from his mother or her family . But , I got a wonderful grand . Don’t understand parents behavior of these teens for you can’t just close the door on your child or pretend it will just go away . In SC the teens parents are responsible for there child no matter what and can be made pay half of all medical and pay full child support till there teen turns 18 .