My sister has absent CSP in her ultrasound:What does that mean?

Hey, can I ask about stories on absent CSP in a scan? My sister had this in her 18week scan, and she’ll see a specialist want to hear stories on other experiences.


My son had one from a brain injury. He had seizures in utero. When he was born he needed to be resuscitated for almost 6 minutes and 2 days before his first birthday he was diagnosed with Krabbe Disease, a terminal genetic disease that breaks down the sheath around the nerves and brain. He died last year at 7 years old.


Prayers for your sister and her baby.

Praying for your sister and her child

I don’t have personal experience but basically it’s a rare neurological disorder (1 in 4,000) babies are born with it. There is a middle Barrier that is a connective tissue that separates one side of the brain from the other. Babies do survive it but usually are also born with other neurological issues as well


There is a very wide spectrum of how much it can effect them. I had extra appointments and was not allowed a water birth ect

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Honestly, you should wait for the doctor to perform further testing to determine the outcome. The answers you may receive by Google or people here can be very confusing or alarming and its best to get the most accurate information from the doctor when your sister goes in…


Why wasn’t this question asked to the doctor? Facebook is not the place for recieving medical advice. Neither is Google.

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