My sister in law and I got along until my husband and I got married: Thoughts?

This is like the only group where I don’t have mutual friends. Someone, please give me advice on what I’m supposed to do. My husband and I have a 21mo daughter, and we live w his parents and siblings. I get along fairly well w everyone here… except his sister. Let’s call her Jan. Jan, and I got along pretty well when my hubby and I got married three years ago. However, I’ve noticed little by little that it has deteriorated. Right now, she won’t talk to me; she won’t look at me, won’t even sit at the same table as me. And I get dirty looks CONSTANTLY. And yet she always gives attention and love to my daughter, has conversation w my husband, but for me? It’s like I’m not even there. She will talk about me like I’m not there… and we can’t leave bc we don’t have the money. My hubby is going to school to get a better job, and I’m a SAHM… I don’t know what to do. But this eats away at me bc I literally did nothing wrong. And it always feels so awkward… help. shes 22. I’m 26, hubby is 24. I worked w her on Saturday (family business) and she’s the manager. I worked for 8 and a half hours straight. On my feet, no dinner break, no bathroom break, nothing. She didn’t say a single word to me. Make it make sense.


8 hours no bathroom break…
I would ask her what is going on

have a talk just you and her no 1 to impress no1 but u 2 can hear or know what is said n talk like adults if it gets heated then yell for hubs or whoever but sumthing u did or didn’t do apparently rubbed her wrong n she needs to be an adult n either tell u whats up or come to an agreement to just ignore eachother (or whatever is in between)

Ask her what’s wrong? :thinking:


Not only is it immature it’s very dysfunctional for any relationship. It would simply tell her if there is something that I have done wrong or something I may have said to offend you please feel free to express yourself. If she continues to give you the cold shoulder and ghosts you simply return the favor not that it’s right but that’s what I would do

You need to sit down and have a talk with her


She needs to be a grown up and explain what her problem is.

Ask her wtf her issue is. Simple.


Call her out in front of everyone. Don’t be rude about it but just ask her. If you do it in front of everyone she can’t go back and tell anyone a different story to make them want to side with her. Honestly though it sounds like she’s jealous of something, either the fact that her brother is married with a child and she is not (assuming she isn’t), maybe if she was the baby of the family and now there is a new baby in the house, maybe she feels like she lost her relationship with her brother. Could be a number of things but until you ask you’ll never know.


I wouldnt worry about it.

Ask her what her deal is. That’s awkward as shit and I would hate it.

Ask her what her problem is, we don’t know if you don’t know :woman_facepalming: question her INFRONT of family. Grow some balls & open your gob.

Very immature and very vindictive of her towards you is it maybe that baby is there now also as she had ur full attention before ur bub was born … also if she’s as bad as u made her out when ur talking I’d have my phone somewhere recording only because it’s her family home she could spin this on u very fast … at least u have something to back urself up with in d event she stirs the pot and says u said this and that … as for the manager side of things she knows she can do that to you cuz ur her sil she thinks she can get away with it and u won’t say a word … I pity ur hubby in this cus even tho u did nothing wrong yer both his family best of luck

You’re going to have to ask her what you did to figure out why. And try to really listen. Sometimes we really don’t know what we’ve done to "hurt " someone until they show us. Until then there is nothing but trying to figure out how to live on your own. I would be applying for every low income housing I could until I got out. Theres no shame.


My bfs siblings dont talk to me and dont like me and talk about me sometimes but oh well. The way I see it is if I am the only subject they have to talk about then they need to get new lives bc mine isnt that impressive. You dont have to get along or talk to each other at work as long as everyone is doing their job a d doing it right…
Hell at family gatherings or dinner y’all dont have to associate with one another.

Someone is filling her ears with crap. Find out what.

Have you approached her about this?

No breaks are illegal.

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Try talking to her. If that doesn’t work I would just move on. I used to be close to my sister in law and now we don’t speak. Its not worth the drama to keep going if trying to talk and work it out doesn’t help

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I’m sure she’s made comments to your husband or the family when you arent around, so they have to know why she doesnt like you. Usually there isnt tension or rudeness in a household for literally no reason. They know why, or someone does. You need to personally ask her, and if you dont feel like you can, have him talk to her & let her know how you’re feeling. Its as simple as that.