My sister in law plans to feed her child almond/soy milk: Advice?

My sister-in-law recently told that me that she plans on feeding her daughter only soy milk or almond milk once she turns one. She hasn’t done any research or even talked to the pediatrician over it, and she’s not vegan and has no issues with lactose intolerance. I want to know if that’s a safe alternative to whole milk? What are the advantages/ disadvantages if she does that instead? She is a first-time mother and doesn’t have much experience/knowledge and tends to randomly just do whatever she feels likes; for example, she told me that she feeds her food during the and basically only feeds her formula at night to sleep. Her daughter is just turned nine months and I’m unsure of how long she’s been doing that for, but my son’s pediatrician once told me that it doesn’t matter if toddlers under one eat solid food or not (my sons a picky eater) but they have to keep breastfeeding/ formula feeding all day to properly get all their nutrient intake. Ive looked into it a bit but want to get more info from ppl who’ve done it. Thanks so much


If the baby is happy and healthy butt out :woman_shrugging: everyone parents differently


If that’s what she wants to give her then it’s fine. It’s not your business.


Why do you care about her child? There’s nothing wrong with her choice to feed her own baby.


I guess I don’t see your reasoning behind a child who is lactose sensitive/intolerant and a child who doesn’t have it? Are the nutrients any different in one child vs the one with an issue? Also it’s not like she’s starving the child or anything of the likes. I’d mind yourself like others have said. Although I do see a huge issue with lack of formula all day when baby is only 9 months.


It sounds like you need to butt out.


My dr approved almond milk for my younger two starting at 1 because milk was making them super sick they are both super healthy 2 and 5 year olds. The dr asks questions like that so they will correct her if they don’t believe its best for baby that’s not for anyone else to decide :blue_heart:


Have you talked to her? How do you know she hasn’t talked to her pediatrician. My son only has almond milk and quit drinking formula completely around 10 months. Almond milk is a safe alternative to milk. If you’re really concerned you need to be having this discussion with her and not a bunch of people on Facebook.


My daughter has been on soy formula and is now on soy milk and thriving. She has super bad reflux And her dad and I are both lactose intolerant. we drink lactose free and she does soy. She’s been on solids since 4 months and we limited formula once we started solids she still had some.

Everyone parents differently so let her do her. I am definitely the most free range out of all my friends with my ways but my daughter is also a bit head as well and I feel it’s because I let her explore and let her try new things at 17 months. Her fav meal is salmon and rice :laughing:.

Eh I don’t see the issue my child has been on soy milk since he was 1 he’s now 9 and we are just introducing diary slowly into his diet :woman_shrugging:t2: he’s healthy lol

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Goats milk is a good option

Both of those are great options. Apparently you need to be the one who learns a small lesson here.


I’m sure her child’s pediatrician will talk to her about it at the child’s well check appointment if theres an issue with that choice other than that you should kindly mind your own buisness


Kids don’t need milk to survive


Absolutely safe and healthy. My son drink no milk. But he eats enough dairy products for it to no matter.

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I mean you could always mind your business :slightly_smiling_face: not your monkey not your circus.


Disadvantages include putting your nose where it doesn’t belong. Milk isn’t necessary for a healthy balanced diet.


My pediatrician said my son doesn’t have to have whole milk without ruling out an allergy. Cow milk products aren’t as good for us as we think anyways. A lot of people use alternatives. We use oatmilk as my son does not like almond milk and was having some congestion with whole milk.


Almond milk is only secondary to foods that are the primary source of of the 1 year olds diet.

I don’t think this is something you should be involving yourself in. It’s her baby, and I’m sure the pediatrician will talk with her about it