My sister in law plans to feed her child almond/soy milk: Advice?

I only feed my daughter soy milk. She is 21 an fine


Maybe she’s researched this a bit more than you have. Sounds like you need to let her raise her own child and you do you.


Also, have you even spoken to her about this or are you just so bored that you had to put her business out? Because I’d be pretty pissed if my in laws posted about my parenting online rather than be direct. That’s childish, and quite shitty.

The fat in milk is actually good for brain development. My dr was going to put my daughter on 2% before 1 because she was over weight. But because no done my research and brought it up to the Dr he put her whole milk instead. 🤷

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Talk to your pediatrician if you want to give medical advice to your sister.


No one needs to drink milk. If she decides to give HER child almond milk that totally her choice.


Solids diet could well provide all necessary nutrients of a balanced diet and milk supplements. Sounds like healthy weaning at the child’s pace to me. I’ve had 4 kids.
Complementary feeding is like breast and bottle…its another option that works and every child is different.
Its one thing if she has asked advice or ideas but this whole…she’s a first time mum and doing what she wants…she’s following her child’s needs by instinct. Thats her lookout and I think being supportive is the way to go with this.
If the kid doesn’t take to it then 🤷 but we all do what we think best. As we are allowed x


Holy everyone’s rude here “ mind ur own “ like this is suppose to be a safe spot she just wanted advice , it’s really not that big of a deal all it shows is that she cares !!! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Without sounding like a total bitch: why are you trying to gain information to tell her how to raise her kid? Unless the child is in any physical harm you really shouldn’t be getting involved. I feed my kid solids 2-3 times a day and have since 4 months old. She drinks formula yeah, but I always started her on solids early. Not to mention it doesn’t matter when the baby drinks the milk. She could consolidate the milk into one or two feedings. As long as she gets her daily amount. And as long as her kid is doing okay at weight checks it truly does not matter. And just because she doesn’t use cows milk doesn’t mean it’s bad. Cows milk isn’t necessary in all honesty…

Plant based milks are fine. Lactose is the sugar in the milk. The proteins are still there that causes the milk allergy.

There are other non dairy options if she doesn’t want to do almond/soy. Coconut, pea protein (Ripple), oat, almond, cashew, nut blends.

Don’t force a child to drink milk if they don’t want to

  1. breastmilk/formula consumption is based on a 24 hour period. Most babies at 9 mo sleep about 10ish hours overnight and therefore get most of their consumption during the day. However that’s not every baby…and it’s still not as many bottles as you think. Many 9 month olds drink between 24 and 32oz per 24 hours. That’s only 3-4 bottles if baby drinks 8oz. At a time.

  2. many many people have been switching over to using almond milk rather than cow’s milk and that’s ok. As long as the baby isnt so underweight they need the extra fat from whole milk its perfectly fine for them to drink almond milk.

  3. theres still 3 months until baby turns 1…which is probably why she hasn’t discussed it with babys doctor yet.

Take a breath and chill out a little bit. Just because shes not doing things your way doesnt means shes doing anything wrong.

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My son had to go on soy milk once he turned one. He couldn’t tolerate cows milk and had severe nut allergies so almond milk was out. He’s fine.


Actually, it’s unnatural for humans to drink cows milk. Almond milk is much healthier. She’s the mom, she may parent a little different than you, but different isn’t wrong.


My oldest daughter has only just started having dairy and she is almost 13 she couldn’t have dairy or soy as a baby the alternative imo is better any way . I’d leave it alone and worry about your kids not hers

Formula should be main source of nutrition til 1. After that solids and whole milk, the disadvantages to her choices is those dont have the fats for healthy brain development. As long as she gets those fats elsewhere yhe milk doesnt really matter


I think you should mind ya business. :woman_shrugging:t3::nail_care:


Did she ask you for your opinion or are you asking bc you think it’s wrong and want to be right? She isn’t going to do exactly what you did and that’s okay.


I’ve never really done cows milk. My daughters are older and choose to use it in their cereal, but that’s about it. I never gave them glasses of milk to drink, it grosses me out haha.

My daughter drank almond milk for 6 months after turning 1. She fine. Dr actually told us to try it bc whole milk gave her gas

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Regular milk is not good/natural for us to drink. My daughter was drinking almond milk 9 months up but I did speak with our dr

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