My sister in law plans to feed her child almond/soy milk: Advice?

Everyone has the right to make their own decisions. She needs to make sure there is no nut allergy before using almond milk. To much soy can cause constipation. My daughter drinks oat milk instead.

Is this child yours? If not, mind yah business.


My middle son refused milk after about nine or ten months unless he had gotten food. Our pediatrician said as long as he’s getting the minimum amount of oz a day for the bottle then he’s fine. Let them parent the way they parent. They don’t have to be the same as you.

As a mom with a child who has a dairy allergy (different from lactose intolerance), my son can only drink almond milk. We tried numerous alternatives and almond is the only thing that works for him. Our pediatrician said it was really up to us what we went with for my daughter whether we try whole milk or just stick with almond for both. We also do vitamin D drops (she is breastfed and I’m not big on milk myself) so that helps. I think with the right dietary choices and an okay from the pediatrician there isn’t much reason to say it’s “unhealthy”

I get WIC and they allow soy milk. Its a safe alternative to not being able to drunk regular milk. Im lactose intolerant and they’re allowing me to switch my son to soy milk once he’s old enough. Theres 3 different types of milk and dairy allergies on my side of the family.

Soy/Almond milk past 1 is fine. My daughter never really took to cow milk until she got to school and her friends were drinking it. With the baby only really drinking formula at night, I might broach the subject with her and ask if her doctor approved. You can just play it off like "Oh when i was raising XXX this was the thing! things are always changing! Did your doctor tell you to do that? " that way you can express your concern but not make her feel bad if she didn’t realize she was doing something wrong b/c like you said milk is important that first year and food is “for play” and if her dr actually did approve then you have your answer there! good luck

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I gave my son almond and oat milk once he was on solids at 6months. He’s still drinks oat milk but is breastfed aswell. I chose oat and almond cos of eczema and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving your child that choice of milk. Everyone’s parenting is different :slight_smile:

As long as she feeds the baby other Calcium, vitamin D, and high fats foods like Cheese, Yogurt, Avocado, Almond milk or Almond butter, Beans, Broccoli, Calcium-fortified cereals, Calcium-fortified orange juice, Calcium-fortified soy milk, Green leafy vegetables (like collard greens, turnip greens, kale, and spinach), Papaya, Salmon and Tofu. Soy, rice, or almond milk products that are fortified with vitamin D​ is just as good.

My son has been eating food since he was able to. Skipped the baby food phase and he’s only ever had almond milk, mainly due to a potential allergy since he didn’t tolerate most formulas or breast milk. I personally don’t see anything wrong with what she is doing. As long as the baby is growing and healthy it shouldn’t matter what alternatives she provides for her child. My youngest was completely different from my oldest. There’s no formula or science to back up that one way is better than another. Unless she’s harming her baby I wouldn’t worry about it. My youngest also only had 3 bottles of formula a day. One in the morning, one before nap and one before bed. He’s perfectly healthy!

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My son was on soy formula for most of the time I was bottle feeding him and he did fine.

It’s totally fine. My daughter had a lactose intolerance she drank almond milk that’s what the pediatrician recommended

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Cows milk is traditional but isn’t actually healthy. My oldest drank soy because she was loctose intolerant and my youngest drank some kind of organic milk alternative with DHA… I don’t remember which one. As long as the child gets all their nutrients then they will be fine

Not urplace. Would u want her telling u how to feed/reside ur kid? But I’ve only heard of one issue with soy milk but with boys and it was after a very long extended amount of time. Most drs and WIC in my area do skim or whole or 1% milk not 2% because they swear its the most unhealthy and fattening. But again her and her doctor will decide what’s best

Sou milk has lots of estrogen. Almond milk uses millions of gallons of water to produce.

Honestly every kid is different… our son was a solid food kid at 9 months. I think unless the child is malnourished mind your own fucking business.

I’m getting real strong “Mind ya business” vibes. Don’t parent another person’s kid.


And this is how the saga continues of judgemental mums.

Nothing wrong with it

We did goats milk to transfer to whole milk

It’s literally not your child.