My sister in law talks badly about us on facebook: Advice?

My sister-in-law is constantly posting stuff on Facebook in groups that are directly targeting myself, hubby, and my parents-in-law. They are really horrible and nasty things from judging our parenting to just plain old she wished she never had to see us again, yet she continues to play nice to our faces. I don’t know if she posts them thinking we don’t see them because we aren’t apart of the same groups or not. But my question is, do I call her out? Or do I keep the peace?

I’d say ignore it. Sounds like she’s just doing it to get a reaction. It’ll bother her more if u don’t give her one.


She is being passive-agressive. I have an in-law that did this to me and hubby in the past. Best thing to do is ignore it. She’s wanting a reaction so she can then play ‘victim’. I have unfollowed that person… maybe you should also. Leave the group, anything to not have to see the hurtful posts … and limit personal interaction.

Block her so you don’t see the posts and get yourself worked up. Highly doubt you can convince her to stop if she’s that hateful. There is no legal course you can take either.

Just comment on the posts and tell her thanks for making u aware of the issue and. If she can’t talk to y’all about it she shouldn’t be saying it online


An unhappy family gossips about each other​:v:. I pray we all have a peaceful and blessed family :pray:. Amen