My sister is trying to keep my nephew from me and I feel like something isn't right: Thoughts?

This is going to be a little lengthy, but my sister is taking my nephew from everyone. She has been dating a guy for four months and for engaged after two. They’re supposedly getting married in the next day or so. He is completely controlling her and everything she does. My nephew would be at my home for at least 2 hours every single day after school. It became fewer and further in between that he’d come over. My sister and I had been in a massive disagreement for a few months about her fiance, and she’s taking it out on me by taking my nephew away from me I know that I’m just his auntie and by no means a guardian or parent, although I’ve felt like a parent to him for the last two years. Today, he saw her and started crying and telling me that he does not want to go with her. He said he wanted to come with me, but obviously, his mother had said no. He kept hugging me, saying he didn’t want to go with her. Obviously, I couldn’t keep him, but something is making him not want to go with her. I don’t know what to do, because (feelings aside), I feel like something isn’t right. This isn’t the first time that he’s told me that he doesn’t want to go with her. I doubt that there’s anything I can do, but any advice would help.


I would talk to him in private and make sure he knows he can trust you. To me it sounds like something is going on and he’s petrified. And trust me, there is a lot you can do if that’s the case. I’m sorry he’s going through this and you also.


Well i mean, you dont like the guy she is marrying, so why would she want to be around you? Personally if it were me, I’d pull away also and live my life without judgement of others, even if family.

Maybe the child misses you, but anytime I send my daughter to her dads she cries and says she wants to stay with me, then when its time to come home, she does the same to her dad. Could be seperation anxiety.


Well check, CPS. Something is going on and he trusts you to tell you and he’s needing your help.


Call child services and have them investigate


If you feel that something isn’t right then I say you have every right for that child’s safty


Girl usually when you have a hunch like that, it’s right. Trust your gut. Have you looked on your nephews body to make sure there’s no physical abuse going on? How old is he? Maybe try asking him why he doesn’t like to go home with her?


Do a child well fare check… talk with him

Call cps smoethings wrong

Sounds like something is going on /: welfare check!!

If you’re not comfortable going to their house then call CPS for a check. Usually your gut instinct is right.


I would call cps and have them do a welfare check

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Maybe get the cops involved and have it investigated. There has to be a reason that the child does not want to go with her. Maybe there is something going on at home that he is afraid to tell anyone due to being threatened.


See if you can talk to him the next time if it doesn’t come over soon maybe you should just do a welfare check yeah you might not be the parent but obviously something is making u feel like there is something really wrong so if that’s the case go with your gut.

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Call your local police and explain the situation and have them do a surprise child welfare check! There is something going on that isn’t okay with the situation!

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I’d get a wellfair check.

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call for a welfare check… my kid’s cry that they wanna stay with my parents longer but they don’t say they don’t wanna come with me they just didn’t wanna leave…

Maybe next time u got him try easing into asking him why he don’t wanna go back


Call and have a Welfare check done!!! There’s definitely a reason he doesn’t wanna go with his own Momma :cry: prayers for all involved :pray:

Try asking him if anyone is touching him in a way that they aren’t supposed to (such as touching his privates). Sometimes a child is afraid to say anything with the person around who is doing that to them. I only know these things because I was molested as a child

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