My sister keeps giving me un wanted advice: Thoughts?

I have a question. My sister, who recently had a baby, found out I was pregnant. We have been talking more lately and not even asking her ANYTHING about baby advice; she just gives it. Mind you, its not so much advice as do as she did because somehow she became an expert with only having one kid. (He’s 2ish by the way and has a lot of issues from her not knowing what she’s doing). I cannot talk about my baby without her constantly interrupting me to say she did this, or she bought that, or this made her kid break out in a rash so my kid will too. She won’t let me even seem happy about being pregnant for 5 minutes without making it all about her AGAIN. She’s my sister, and I want my kid to know his cousins. What should I say without hurting her super sensitive feelings? She gets upset incredibly fast when there is a disagreement, and I’m really trying not to fight or stress out over drama. Yes, I love her but holy cow; she is very, very pushy.


It’s normal. I’d say get use to it. You will receive tons of unwanted advice from everyone. Everywhere you go for the rest of you parenting days. Lol


My sister can act like she knows it all too, but I just smile thank her for the advice. Doesn’t mean I’ll take it half the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Does it really bother you that bad to say something? Yes there are people who think they know it all but who cares what she says. Just because her baby did this or that doesn’t mean yours will. Every single baby is different. So let her tell you whatever and when your baby comes you do whatever you want. I totally get what you’re saying though. Cause that would drive me nuts but brush it off. I mean if you need to say something just tell her you don’t need her advice. Everyone will give you advice.

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Honestly she probably dont have anyone else to talk to all this about
…I’d be happy she feels comfortable enough to talk to you about all this and eventhough shes not an “expert” it never helps to listen because none of us are experts lol. I understand where your coming from but shes probably just happy she can relate to another human being on a personal level :heart::heart:


Thank her for the advice & tell her u will think about it :wink:

People do that to me everyday. I either just tell them to stop or just deal with it. It’s your child and you will do what you think is right at the end of the day. I guess I kinda ignore it . That’s what family and friends do hahaha.

I would just not spend as much time with her,

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Well that’s how I am with my chalk it up as loving the process and experience of being a mom. Maybe she has some good tips to take into consideration instead of completely being annoyed by her.

I’m not someone who wants someone trying to tell me how to raise my kids regardless of if they have kids so I’d say. “Okay, if I want your input on what to do, I’ll ask.”

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“He’s 2ish … and has a lot of issues from her not knowing what she’s doing” damn good thing you love your sister :woman_facepalming:t2:
I’m sure your kid will be so much better since you know best and will know exactly what to do :joy: :joy: gtfo be glad she’s sharing cause I can guarantee you at least one of those advices will come in handy

I always told everyone from the day I got pregnant till even after my daughter was born. That I will gladly listen to your advice but doesn’t mean I’m gonna do it . If they insist I do it then the odds of me doing it is even less. It worked for me so far I get advice here and there but not as often as I thought. I also always said that I’m glad I had nieces and nephews before I had my daughter so it gave me some practice and lesson that normally shuts them up too lol


She’s just trying to be helpful.

“Hey this worked for us, maybe it would work for you too” really isn’t anything to get petty about.


It’s her personality, she’s excited and wants to offer what she knows. Just hug her


Chill out bitch. Take advice and understand that you might think you know everything but your sister does have a child and you don’t yet. So keep up ur bad attitude and see what that’ll get you. Nobody wants a mom who thinks their way is perfect and if you aren’t open to hearing family trying to communicate with you HAA!! Good luck

Just nod and ignore :joy:

Ignore it or just tell her you want to explore pregnancy childbirth on your own no two pregnancies are alike

She is trying to help that’s all as she has done it x just smile x

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Honestly it sounds like you are being judgemental of her by saying its her first and he has a lot of issue from not knowing what she’s doing. I think if you respected her, her offering her opinion wouldn’t bother you as much.


I’m really sure her kid has issues because she is a new mom and learning like all other new moms do :roll_eyes:
Get over yourself. You WILL need help and you’re going to push everyone away before your baby is even here. Then you’ll come back on here complaining that no one in your family helps with your kid.