My sisters baby tested positive for COVID: Advice?

My sisters baby ( 6 months old ) has come back positive with the Coronavirus; she barely goes out as it is she is a stay at home mom and when she does go out she wears a mask, washes her hands and has her little hand sanitizer with her …she feels really guilty and is scared. Momma’s have any of your children came back with a positive? How was it like? Any advice on how or what I can say to make her feel better?


most of those tests are false positives


Does you sister have it too?

I just read a blog from a mom of a 7 month old who contracted it at daycare and she said she was relieved to find symptoms pretty mild for her little one. I also read it is for most kiddos so hopefully it won’t be anything to serious for your niece/nephew

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Oh poor mumma and bub :pensive: praying for a speedy recovery

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Omg sending prayers :pray:

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My niece tested positive but she’s asymptomatic. She’ll be fine

False positives. The Corona family of viruses is very large also it could be a diff strain. Most likely a false positive unless she’s very sick.


We always shower once we get home, clothes go in a bag, Clorox anything that comes in the house as well including phone, wallets, and keys. It’s still a possibility but less of a chance.


We had a nurse send 2 samples clean and unused to the lab…both came back positive :roll_eyes:


What are her symptoms?

Goodness my worst fear

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It couldve been tracked into the house on shoes. Make sure people remove shoes before coming into the home. Especially if baby is on the floor for tummy time.

Change clothes after going out in public.

Remove shoe’s

Wash hands with soap and water immediately returning home.

Treat everything as if its contaminated.

Baby’s put everything in their mouths. So definitely sanitize everything!


Why did they test her in the first place?? 6 months?? Does the mom have it? Stories like this make me wonder


In most cases its a typical cold or flu (if their is no other underlying conditions) … many people have recovered and didn’t even know they had it until later


This whole group… today.


Two of my three children tested positive. Their dr said their is one strain not multiple strains the virus is all the same. Also it wasn’t that bad my kids had diarrhea/vomiting, fever, sore throat for about 48 hours then a lil chest pain! Just see if maybe she needs anything dropped off since she can’t go to the store that was my biggest help ! Hope she gets well soon !!


She is cleaning too much.


Children are as sick as they act. Just keep an eye on baby and go with your gut


My 6 month old is just recovering from covid. It was pretty scary for 3-4 days with a wicked cough, congestion, and fever. He’s now 12 days out and you’d never know. Hugs… Hope baby is well soon