My six week old never wants me to put him down: Advice?

I have a six-week-old baby that pretty much refuses to be put down. This baby will scream anytime I set him down and does not care for his swing, bouncer, or momaroo. He wants to nurse to fall asleep, especially during the day. At night he’s up to all night grunting and groaning to the point where I can’t sleep. He does have reflux and has been on Pepcid for one week. Has anyone else experienced this? Please tell me it gets easier. I have a three-year-old to look after during the day too, so I can’t nap at all. I’m exhausted and getting anxious about going back to work full time in two weeks.


Maybe something in your diet is bothering his tummy? Try cutting down on dairy

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Is he pooing? You said grunting and groaning so I’m thinking constipation, maybe. Possibly tummy ache too.
But always talk to your dr.


Have 3 year old come lay with you guys and take a family nap to get some sleep. It’ll be a much better outlook after. Have you tried cutting dairy from your diet? His tummy might be upset from that causing reflux issues.

Talk to his doctor. But my grandma always said clean butt no burps cant be hungry then sometimes a baby just needs to cry


He’s used to being carried by you from the moment of conception , get a baby wrap

does he really have reflux or is your milk coming out too fast? that was the problem with my daughter’s reflux. She couldn’t keep up and was swallowing way too much air.

Also! Get a baby wrap. lifesaver.

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Maybe try swaddling him if he likes been held might help give you a break

Put him in car seat to sleep and don’t let him take long naps. Put him on your schedule and definitely enquire about gas and upset stomach.

Maybe he needs to see a chiropractor? My son needed to when he was that age. It sure helped. The chiropractor was totally different with him then a regular person, very gentle. Being birthed is hard on them too.

Does he have colic too? Try gripe water and probiotics for him. Also change your diet, gluten and dairy could be adding to the reflux.


This happend to me. I couldn’t understand why my daughter wanted to eat so much. Thdy had me stop feeding her and pump all day. Turns out I was only producing 1 oz a day so she wasn’t getting anything. Had to switch to formula.


I would look into your diet and if your making enough milk and if the baby is latching properly. My little girl wasn’t getting enough due to her latch and I ended up with mastitis. I had to stop nursing because of my health. She went on formula and she did better once we found the right one. I also added gas drops because girl was gassy too. Then I had a baby ktan wrap. Once the feeding and wrap were done she did way better. She is still super clingy at 23 months but she is better. I promise hang in there mama. Talk to your Dr and see. Also try and get some help so you can sleep. You need sleep. You will feel better.

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It does get easier. But at 6 weeks it’s perfectly normal to not want to be put down. Talk the pediatrician though about the stomach issues, could be something you’re eating

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Yes I would pump and see how much baby is getting then you can eliminate that , next clean diaper? Eliminate that! Swaddle so they feel comforted . The he need to comfort himself . sometimes , baby gets too much air from nursing and not enough nourishment. Good luck

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My youngest has reflux really bad and was very rough. I joined a support group on fb and found it helped a lot!

I’m sure you’ll bring it up to the doctor. My girls had a lot of issues with constipation and reflux. They were given suppositories every couple days in the NICU and once home we were doing prune juice every day. For reflux they said to make sure after eating they are upright for at least 20/30 mins before laying down. I also got a insert for under their mattress to elevate their head while sleeping a little bit (found out they are also nice to use when they have a cold for congestion). My girls just grew out of it and one of them still has a hard time pooping every now and then. Also my girls liked to be swaddled. I hope you find something that helps.

I have a 4 week old that I literally never put down. If I do… Hes screaming like he dying!!!
We woke up at 3am today…
Only diff. Mine Dosent have reflux at all…
Coffee… There us no advice.
He’s my 7th and I still have no advice. They are babies… They don’t understand why their tummy hurts or anything…

He’ll get used to it. So long as he’s safe, fed, and clean you’re allowed to put him down and let him cry for a couple of minutes.