My SO always brings up the fact that I do not work: Thoughts?

I am just needing advice and needing to vent. I am a stay-at-home mom; I raise our two kids, make every single meal hot for him when he gets home. I clean all day, so everything is literally perfect, and he doesn’t have to lift a finger. But every single time me and my SO argue, he throws it in my face that I do not work and that he pays for everything and I do nothing. I am over it. How can I make him realize that what I do is important too?


That’s not okay :frowning: Don’t do stuff for an entire week and then he can see how much you truly work!

Stop doing it and get a job, hell get over himself real quick.


Stop doing it for a few days. He will notice!


Tell him if you brought someone else in to look after the kids would they not have a job? Also a cleaner and ironer a cook ? You have more than one job.And your doing great mama, it aint easy being a sahm he needs to learn some respect oh and it would cost far more than you not doing it!


Leave his ass. There’s no way for him to stop throwing that in your face until he lives without you and that’s when people usually realize they fucked up. He doesn’t need to be babied, he needs to grow up & take care of himself. I went through the same thing and guess what, I was kicked out bcuz apparently I didn’t do enough. If he doesn’t show respect and appreciate than stop taking care of him and move on. Worry about yourself and your babies.

Stop doing it. That will show that what you do is truly important. Also if you want to get a job get one and make it perfectly clear that everything will be done 50/50.


This is why I make my own money and pay my own bills my ex did this to me and I vowef never to allow a man to take care of me again


Put the kids in daycare and get a JOB, Then Stop doing everything, Simply smile and point out that you are employed bringing in an income so NOW he gets to Share the household maintenance


Put in application in for a part time job… And once your called for the job. Let him know now he can pitch in with the house chores!!!


stop bein lazy and get a job🤷‍♀️


Stop making supper, stop doing his laundry, don’t do anything for him!! Cook meals for you and the kids easy ones with no left overs for a few weeeks and when he gets mad say “you think I do nothing, so I won’t do anything for you until you respect me.” Don’t worry about the house too much and relax, go do whatever and don’t do a thing for him!


I’m glad I’m not with any one telling me what to do


Leave. Get a job. Nail him for child support.


Leave him with the kids overnight and give him a list of chores that you expect to be done by the time you get home.

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Then start sending him a daycare bill. There. Now according to him you work.


Dont do anything. Then dont cook or clean or do laundry or give him any sex either. Make food for you and kids of course. But dont do any shit for him to benefit from. Actually you should take your self and kids to a family members house for a couple days and let him fend for himself.

Here is the amount that the state of Texas would have to pay for a house wife. Almost 22,000 a month. Give him a bill.


If your kids can go to child care and you can afford it, get a job!


I would actually print out a list of wages for the jobs you do around the house. He would have to pay someone or be doing it himself, if it weren’t for you.
Ask him: How much do personal chefs cost? Grocery shopping service? House cleaner? Babysitter/nanny? Educator/teacher/tutor? Laundry service? Also, administrative duties, what is the wage of a receptionist? Individually, they may not amount to much but put all those services together and he would have a really large monthly bill.
Lol I know I’m missing some duties, there is a whole lot more!