My SO always brings up the fact that I do not work: Thoughts?

I would inquire about daycare costs. Compile a list…compare to a job that is realistically available for your credentials, and maybe show how staying home is much more worth it not just financially, but in regards to the whole functioning of the household. Most of the time you end up paying your paycheck in childcare. Maybe he doesn’t realize that cost. In the end he should see his income as FAMILY income. Not all his.


Don’t do it and see if he notices everything you do! Some people don’t realize how hard stay at home moms work until we’re not around to do it all!


I was in a relationship for 10 years with someone who said they wouldn’t marry me unless I was working and finished college, etc. He had a list of things that I had to complete before he would marry me. Needless to say despite me achieving those things, there was constantly another thing added to the list. Eventually I got tired of it after finding out he cheated with a hooker, etc. Now I’m with a great guy and getting married this summer. It’s possible…just know that you deserve better.


Call a local cleaning company and ask them for a quote, then call daycare and find out the costs. Then add gas to and from work and a minimal clothing budget. Then present your husband wth the monthly “bill” for the work you supposedly aren’t doing. Or offer to let him stay home and see how relaxing and stress free it is…


get a job so you can leave him–he will see how much you do when he has to do it on his own when he has visitation! Sorry but no one should have to put up with that kind of disrespect.


This is why so many women cannot be sahms, shitty partners who don’t respect all you do and tear you down for not contributing financially.
Well it’s time to find some work, when he asks why your looking straight up tell him it’s because he don’t reapect what you do and always throws it in your face, tell him you can’t rely on a man who does that to the women raising his children!!
Tell him he will also be half reaposiable for the daycare expences.

Make a list of everything you do in a normal day. Leave for two days and have him take pto from work or do it a weekend. Have him do all your daily duties. . You can sign up for Uber or food delivery to make income. After two days I’m sure he will beg you to come back.
Make sure to add the time it takes to make the meal plan for the week, bath time, Etc. People who don’t stay home do not realize how hard it actually is. My S/O and I both work full time because we can’t afford not to but in my opinion being a Stay at home parent is harder and more time consuming then any job out there.

Look up narcissism you may not be able to reason with him.

Price daycare for kids and tell him how much and he will also be cooking, cleaning etc after work right along with you…


simple, show him what doing nothing actually means…


Stop doing the housework and leave him with the kids for a couple days. That should do the trick. I’ve done both. Being a stay at home mom is definitely more difficult than being a working mom. It’s more rewarding and I’d rather be able to stay home but it is most definitely a full time job that can be extremely overwhelming.


Stop doing it! Then you can send him a bill for all your years of being a maid, daycare worker, cook, chauffeur, nurse, and teacher. See how he feels then. Especially when you stop untill he pays you( or gives you credit for all your hardwork)


Let him pay day care he will rethink it


I went thru this 2 years ago with mine … to this date he has never said it again…leave for 3 days at the least, I stayed a week. He had all 3 kids . I wrote a note stating why and it wasn’t just for him it was for the kids to. I made sure the house was spotless along with all laundry done.
Let’s just say I am much more appriated now. When I got home. The house wasn’t spotless, laundry was everywhere but we worked as a team to get it clean.


Tell him to find a daycare so you can work. Stop doing everything, just take care of the kids. Make sure he knows why you are doing it.


Get a job, then share responsibilities!

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Grow a set of balls and get a job then find someone to watch the kids while both of u work :joy:

Tell him you are getting a job and he can figure out the up keep of the house and a sitter. Or just do nothing all day so he has something to really bitch about.

Punch him in the nuts, walk out the door, and then he’ll have medical bills on top of all the other shit he’s gonna have to pay for!

If its happening during an argument let it go. Hes just trying to find ammunition