My SO cut my sons hair when I asked him not to: Thoughts?

Hey Mommies How Would You Feel If You Told Your Other Half Not To Cut Your Sons Hair Because Your Waiting Till His First Birthday And You’re At Work And Get A Video Of Your Sons Beautiful Soft Blonde Hair Gone


Well it’s not just your choice and he probably thought he was helping. It’s up to dad as well :confused:


My ex did this to me once. And needless to say he ask Everytime before he does it.

It’s up to dad as well but if mommy clearly said no he shouldn’t go behind her and cut his hair, he should wait until they reach a compromise unless the hair is really causing the baby not to see or something urgent like that.

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Maybe he thought he was helping? It’s wrong but hair grows back


I would be pissed. It should be a mutual decision but if you expressed your feelings and he went behind your back and did it anyway without even talking to you…yeah i would be hella pissed.

IF it was already discussed, & he did it anyway I’d be pissed.

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Eh, I’d be kinda mad since he knew my wishes, but it wouldn’t be worth my time and energy to be pissed about it for long. It’ll grow back. Pick your battles.


I would’ve been pissed! That was one of my things too… no one get a hair cut before their first birthday. Hell my daughter is almost 7 &hasn’t had a hair gut &if he took her we would be fighting


It’s blatant disrespect to disregard what someone wants to do. Not much you can do about it now besides be mad at him for that fact. Why did he feel like his wishes were more important than your own?


Was it to long?? Was it just notty? Did he get it to dirty 24.7?

You don’t own the kid you had TOGETHER,
Move past it it’s hair it’ll grow back


My baby daddy did that to me with my daughter. I was pissed but I couldn’t put it back and she was none the wiser. He had kids already so it wasn’t a big deal to him but I let him know I was bothered and it hurt my feelings but after that there’s not much more to do about it.

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Its disrespectful that he did it without you. And it being your babys first haircut and you missed it. Yes I would be pissed


I’d. Be. Pissed. But it is his kid too, right? Is he allowed any say so with the kid or do you make all the rules. Keep the hurt to yourself. Maybe he was trying to do something good. There are literally millions of other huge things to be worried about. Long less, post about. In the nicest way I can say it…get over it and yourself.

It’s hair… it’s gonna grow back. Bigger things in life to get your panties in a bunch over.


It’s a hard one… im not siding with him but it’s his son too…


Pick your battles - I dont see that as a high ranking one.
Yes I would be upset/frustrated but I wouldnt be pissed enough to post about it.


I Hate this I’ve always asked and let him know out of Respect,and I expected him to return the respect and my ex went and shaved my kid basically bald and my son hated it so bad because he was growing his hockey hair out, :cry: all it needed was a trim, and makes me more mad because I take the child to Get them done never asked him to help pay and always pay he just takes a buzz cutter and fucks it Up super short with out letting me know

OMG its HAIR…I cannot believe these comments over something so trivial. May you all never have real problems