My SO does not treat my kids the same as he treats his: Help?

I’m a mother of 2 boys with another on the way. My S.O has children from a previous relationship… he is a great father to them but has issues being decent to mine. His children come to me for affection which I give them wholeheartedly, but when my son (9) goes in for a hug with him he pushes him away and barks " personal space, I don’t want to be touched," and it hurts him I can see it in my son’s eyes. All he wants is a father figure; he’s a sweet boy who’d give the shirt off his back to ANYONE who needs it. I’ve expressed it, and my S.O gets offended. I am currently pregnant with his child; after work, I am exhausted, so sometimes I have a cat nap. Last night I was in a dead sleep feeling gross and punky, he came flying to our room handing me the phone saying " my daughter wants to talk to you she’s in tears " I get up and speak with her calm her down and give the phone back. Then my son says to me, " Why was she allowed to wake you up and talk to you, but " I wasn’t ?" It upset me, to say the least, that he put his daughter’s needs ahead of my son’s needs when it came to me. I told him not to do that ever again. He snapped at me, calling me a common name ( B ) and said, that’s fine. You won’t ever speak with her again. Whatever, I said I’m not fighting with you. I have to stand for my son; nobody else will. The treatment is extremely different when it comes to mine and his. He doesn’t help with cleaning and has bought groceries once. He has been having his children over three times a week, and I have to feed all of us on a single income as he keeps his for him and takes off to party his money up without contributing to rent, food Bill’s, etc. It’s expensive; he doesn’t seem to care as I’ve expressed it to him many times. It’s to the point where I’m about to tell him he needs to leave and support himself and his own children as I’m pretty much sucked dry.


Dick cant be that good. He is a jerk to your kid doesn’t help with money or housework. Sure you got a man?



I’d leave ASAP. No one should treat your children or you like that. No one.


My boyfriend we have two kids together but I have two oldest kids that isnt his but he treat them like his own too no matter what cause I told him when I first met him I’ve stated that kids will be alawys comes first top priority hes on same as page as I am :woman_shrugging:…he sound so rude and if he cant change his way how he treat your kid tell him bye bye !!

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You’re doing the right thing, tell him to go, you got this, you’re already supporting everyone. Give your little man a hug :heart:

Leave him. Fuck letting him treat your son like that while doing you dirty at the same time financially.

I think you’ve answered your own question and already know exactly what you need to do…

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Why are you with someone who doesn’t accept your kids??


Time to say goodbye to the SO.

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Yes leave ASAP that is a POS that is no man!!!

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I’m sorry what is SO??


I wouldn’t even bother staying in a relationship with a person who doesn’t help and is a asshole towards my children

Why are you with him if he contributes nothing to the relationship?? Put your kids first. They deserve better. My bf treats my daughter like an angel. Hugs her, snuggles on the couch and helps out as much as possible. He’s even coaching her teeball team. He treats all our kids equally the way it should be.


Was he always like that or did it happen after you got pregnant? My husband was absolutely fantastic with my son until I had our child. Now it’s me constantly saying something. If he was like this before, why are you with him?

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Tell him to leave then that could be considered being abusive and not good for your son you have to put your son before your bf


Don’t let him, make you think that his behaviors are acceptable. Run while you still have your sanity, it will only get worse. Don’t get stuck in this place.

You need to leave him bcuz he is mistreating ur children. Why keep them around a toxic person who is killing them emotionally?

You gotta ditch that dude

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That’s exactly what you need to do otherwise you’re kids are shortchanged

I’m sorry but WTF!? If anyone treated my kid that way they’d be gone so fast. I feel so sad for your little boy. You both deserve better. I hope you leave that asshole.