My SO is constantly farting around me: Advice?

I need a solution or how to tolerate a man who farts around the house like he is being paid to do so, during lunch/dinner times he is not ashamed to lift his one side ass up to just pass air and continue eating like we are props in front of him, most times the living room smells/stinks of rotten eggs due to farting left right center !! It’s frustrating because I feel very bloated and I get nausea when the farter is around! We don’t share the same duvets, but at night most times, he will be exploding his ass to just pass air…any advice apart from throwing him out?


That’s gross af like have some manners

Put some gas x in his food.

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I do it to my hubs he’s learned to stop because my farts are way worse


Learn to cook properly and he won’t stink so bad :joy::joy:


I would do something equally as annoying and rude. Like wipe boogers on his face.


Grow up, jeez. It’s a natural thing


Im pretty sure this page just makes things up to entertain us sometimes🤦🤦 … On another note, doing that during meals is just foul. That is 100% frowned upon but any other time of the day, lady you need to GET OVER IT. It’s a bodily function. And seriously if this is all you have to bitch about then you’re living lavish!

Get some liquid ass and give him a taste of his own medicine :woman_shrugging:

Butt plug. Tell him he better tame it outside or you will use it! Get the real ones from the crematorium not the sex toy. That will scare him outside.

Start farting too :woman_shrugging:t2:


its his diet… change what you cook/buy… and gas x cant hurt

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My hubby use to do the same until I started spraying the room and him with air freshner and dinner would stop cooking if he came in the kitchen farting. I told him as long as he is farting I’m not cooking. Kids and I went out for dinner for about 2 weeks and now he just farts in the bathroom


HE’S A DAMN GUY. They do that. Do you have sons? Or friends with sons? Hell even my girls think that farts are hilarious. Everyone passes gas. Let it go.

Sounds like he needs to figure out what it is in the diet that makes him so gassy! :woman_shrugging:
In the meantime open the window!

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Threaten to stop doing whatever he likes to have done by you.

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I fart more than my hubby does :crazy_face::rofl:

Im sorry “butt” I think this is hysterical!


I mean its natural…maybe its your cooking lol. My bf is just a naturally gassy person and its usually spicy food that does it. Bad part is we both LOVE spicy food so iv learned to just deal with it. Yea it sucks and all sometimes having to sleep on the couch cause the room stinks but hes my bf and I fucking love him way to much to make that a battle. He is usually courteous enough that he will walk to another room to do it most of the time so maybe suggest that.