My SO refuses to be intimate with my since having a baby: Advice?

I have a baby that just turned three months old, and he was kind of a surprise, but absolutely adored. Now his dad, (we have three kids total together) is refusing to have sex because he is “terrified” I’ll get pregnant again. I can’t use hormonal birth control because it severely negatively affects me, and I’m not ready to tie my tubes yet. I bought a box of condoms and even offered to use vaginal stuff and track my periods, but he is avoiding me like the plague and its starting to get to me… this has started to cause a lot of anger and resentment between both of us and its beginning to be like walking on eggshells. We have been together almost ten years so no I’m not going to pack up and leave just because of lack of intimacy, but how do I stop feeling wounded or rejected and live daily without being angry (let’s face it I KNOW I am not the only gal that gets bitchy after going a time without getting any…)


He’s not interested in getting a vasectomy?


Flick the bean yourself. No risk of pregnancy, you know when you get off and less mess.


They do have non hormonal birth control

Uhhh 2 can play that game ya know? I’m sure he’s no fucking 10 anymore . I say petty is as petty does .


Damn. Try to be a little understanding. Give him some time. Isn’t that what we’re always telling men when we’re not interested?


I have a mirena, I’m hormone sensitive. Maybe look into that or he could get the snip.

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If he won’t do penetration, see if he will do other stuff. Oral, fingers, toys. Try some mutual masturbating. This way there is still some intimacy


My shower head works great :+1::joy::heart::woman_shrugging:

Girl buy a vibrator. He’ll get over it eventually.


Ask your dr about the mini pill, is a low does hormone!!

Copper IUD no hormones

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Opposite for me, I wouldn’t let my ex husband touch me after our son in case I fell preg again. No way was that happening again. We split shortly after and by 27 I had my tubes tied.

Tell him to take his scared arse for a vasectomy then, if he refuses then I guess you’ll know you’ll have a sexless relationship and can move forward.


Tell him to source precautions!! Not just you xx


Vasectomy… simple as …


If he doesn’t want anymore children with you or anyone else tell him to take precautions on his own.


Give him time, he’s got a valid reason for not jumping ya. I’m sure he’s not enjoying it either. He’s allowed to have the feelings he’s having. Until then, I’d take care if the problem yourself. Don’t think of cheating or playing games like some would suggest. Another thing is, is sex reeeeeally that important you don’t want to put his feelings in there?


they have birth control out now with no hormons. I hear they are good, I would look into it if I were you.


Crazy how so many are just saying for him to get a vasectomy!! She’s the one that wants sex, let her get her tubes tied/burnt!! Obviously she can’t do any counting or keep track of her period if they already have a child that wasn’t planned for!! Plus there are plenty of birth control that don’t contain hormones, why can’t her lazy ass get on one of those?? It’s crazy the double standards and hypocrisy so many females have on this page towards men!!