My SO won't take me on a date but went with a co worker: Advice?

Ok, ladies, I know this sounds absolutely pathetic, but I’m seriously lonely. I have a SO and three kids in the home. The youngest I’m still breastfeeding, and he’s almost 17 months. I constantly make it known to my SO that I want to go out on a date. A DATE. That’s not ridiculous, right? I’m working on getting an amazing job from the education that I’ve obtained, but the process is long, and it’s been costing us money. We both know that it’ll be totally worth it, in the end, to have both sides earning good incomes. It’s just been very, very stressful. So the other night, I brought it up to him that I wanted to go on a date without kids (I know I’m sooo horrible). And then two days later, he runs into an old coworker and goes out for lunch with her, in the meantime I have my 17-month-old and getting all the necessary docs. I need this job. I just wish he would have taken me on a lunch date, especially since I made it known that that’s what I wanted. Yes, I am the person that posted about the “former coworker” and the kissy face in the texts between the two. Is he not trying out of just a man being a man and not realizing, or does he really not care. I need time too…


Not right and him sending kissy face messages is a red flag


It’s all a red flag.


You are giving your husband the permission to cheat on you and giving him the ok. This is ridiculous


That’s definitely not right

I’d be making a huge deal out of it!!


Girl it’s time to have a serious talk or walk. It’s ridiculous at this point. I know you have 3 kids and love him and all but there is NO way my husband would get away with this level of disrespect. I read your other post also but didn’t comment. I’m commenting now. Just stop being his doormat


Sounds like he dont care

Did she just send kissy faces or was he doing it too? What was his next couple texts after her kissy faces?


Why don’t you plan a date? Get a sitter for the kids, get dressed up, and tell him you are going out together for the night. He should plan something since you told him you want a date, but you are just as capable as he is to plan one. Also, good luck with your new job!


Girl, wake up! He is 100% cheating on you. Get out of there, you deserve so much better!


He’s cheating, wake up & go


I wouldn’t consider running into someone and sharing a lunch a ‘date’.

That being said huge red flags here. The kissy face, his previous infidelity, not doing stuff with you …huge red flags


You’ve posted a couple of times and I’m not sure what you’re looking for. You got major feedback from the two groups it was posted in. Are you looking for them to say it’s okay? That he isn’t wrong? Or that its okay to just feel this upset. Do you want your feelings validated? You need to have a serious talk with your SO. He allowed another woman to send kissy faces to him. Didn’t say anything about it bejng inappropriate. He took her out on a lunch date when you explained that you wanted to go on one. Talk to him. Find out what is going on. Set boundaries. If they’re broken then leave.


Communicate very clearly. My hubby can’t take a hint at all!!


I feel you :heart: been dealing with this very issue plus TONS more, just like yourself, for about 6+ yrs. Just found out he DOES go out and do fun things and goes out to eat. But just with his friends instead of me. Despite my begging and pleading and planning. Then he lies to me about it. When I confront him he acts like a douche bag and brushes it off. We are in counseling and, unfortunately due to the constant lying on his part, we both have the same family tracking app on our phones. I would try counseling, it has definitely taught us things we sidnt realize about eachother and ourselves. Its a long process though, not for the faint of heart. I wish you luck, mama :heart::heart:

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Sounds like you have your answer you just don’t want to believe it. He doesn’t care


Id put his shit on the lawn and call it a day

I am the only female my husband takes out to eat ( besides family) not because of insecurity or jealousy just out of respect. I’d be so bent up if he thought it would be okay to take some woman out ESPECIALLY if he cant even make the time for me. Hell to the NO! No relationship is going to be perfect but come on. That’s just disrespectful. I wouldn’t put up with it. And texting this coworker kissy emojis would have been the end for me. I’m sorry he’s immature. Sounds like you deserve better.


He’s cheating. Point, blank, PERIOD! Texts being all kissy, and going out on a lunch date with her when you’ve been asking? Honey I’m so sorry but it’s time to RUN!