My son acts out for me but not his dad: Advice?

So my son is three going on 4. I used to be a full-time work mom, and my husband stayed home dad, but now that we switch roles. He is traveling for work, and I am home with my son 24/7, and I am currently six months pregnant. My biggest struggle right now is trying to get my son to be obedience, and I feel like Nothing is improving… he would say no to me all the time after I tell him to do stuff, or he would just not listen to me. Sometimes we have good days, but mostly bad days and it’s getting more and more stressful to get him on his best behavior or just simply follow my orders. I do discipline him but it seems like it’s not helping. I even talk to my husband about my situation and multiple times he mentioned that “I should discipline him more or I am not punishing him enough” and I told him I do but it’s not working and I refuse to torture my son. I wont and will not go extreme with punishments and here is what I do exactly to discipline him… like sitting time out, taking away his tablet, spanking, avoiding candies or sweets, you name it and Nothing works! I am very nurturing and loving to my son so it was really hard for me to even do those things and I just don’t have the heart to constantly keep disciplining him and I feel like my son knows that because everytime I discipline him, he goes right back to being happy, energetic, but disobedience all over again. My husband don’t know what to tell me cause he said he never experience what I am going thru and so apparently my son doesn’t act this bad with him — just me. So My husband find it hard to believe that I’m having so much difficulties with our son and don’t get me wrong my son is the sweetest and I spend SOO much time with him, so I FEEL Like my husband thinks I’m being dramatic or exaggerating and I am NOT. Sometimes I would break down in tears because I’m trying my hardest to be less stressful as possible for my pregnancy, but Nothing is working. I need ADVICE or help… I don’t know what to do


Have your husband talk to him.

Read 123 magic.
It is a parenting book.
I know for me I over explain where my husband communicates to the point…
It seems harsh but it is actually what the children can understand.

Stick to your punishment guidelines and have some patience… Meaning one good day doesn’t deserve a treat… He has to know you mean business or he will keep manipulating you until you can no longer control him at all…


Simple put ur foot dwn, u r pregnant and shldnt worry or have this be stressfull being a little tuff wen he needs it and tlking to him on y u have u put him in time out or raise your voice… or and yes have a sit dwn with dad and him about the problem

Your son is playing you!! It sounds like you’re not consistent with your punishments. He has to know there are consequences for his actions. You need to stick with your punishments. Time outs are 1 minute for each year of age. 3 years old =3 minutes and so on. Once you take a toy away he doesn’t get it back that same day. Don’t yell at him, get down to his level and tell him why he’s going to time out and if he gets up from time out and you put him back the time starts over.


#1… He is 3…its pretty normal. No tablet at all, he’s 3…why does he need a tablet. Sounds like maybe Dad lets him get away with more which is why there is less problems. Make him earn everything with good behavior from the moment he wakes up. Give him all the treats or tablet time or tv or whatever he loves at the end of the week after he’s been good for 5 days in a row. Most of all stand your ground and be strong. Other than that welcome to motherhood.

How long has the change over been? Start the rules again… write what you expect your son to do. I know he cant read , but it is there, you read them to him.
Say what you mean and mean what you say… always follow through. 3/4 year old commonly behave like this. They arent babies, but the also arent old enough to remember everything.
Remove all his toys bar one. Make him earn them back… hitting him will never work.
Naughty chair can. Minutes per years in age. 4 years 4 minutes. And then he has to apologize and gets a hug.
Repetition is the key…
Remember to ASK him to do things. Invite him to help make breakfast or lunch or to hold the shopping list . Note, back up on your phone.
Make things interesting. He is still only a little kid ,but thinks hes a big kid… lots of thank yous …
You will survive and so will he.
Little kid ,big mind ,trying to assert himself…

Time out corner or even
More take some toys away
Till you be a good boy

Maybe your husband did experience this side of him because he wasn’t pregnant. In other words on top of your son having to adjust to dad not being home all the time and now it’s you and him plus baby to come could be he’s acting out from all the changes. Do a lot of cuddle time and play the things he likes and then make him a part of the new baby prepping! He’s a big boy now so he needs to help get things ready type thing! Good luck mom and congrats on the upcoming baby!

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make sure dad is stressing the importance to listening to mom…it helps

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Everyone talking about punishment, but what about rewarding the good behavior! Make a star system, structure his day as much as you can. Don’t tolerate bad behavior or disrespect by any means, but make them feel special when they help you with something. Tell them how great of a helper they are and give them a sticker. Having a schedule will help too. I did that with my son before he started kindergarten and it really helped. Also maybe one or 2 days a week in daycare will help too. Give you a break and give him a little structured social time :woman_shrugging:.
Stay strong and never let them see you sweat! You got this!

I have a wild child kid. Therapy and all that. What I’ve found works is don’t concentrate so much on his misbehavior. Concentrate and reward when he’s being good. Emphasize his good qualities and praise them. Don’t ignore the bad but have a consistent system for it. Don’t change up discipline to see what works. Just don’t make a huge deal of it, be unemotional and deal accordingly to bad actions. But the smallest good thing he does needs to be remarked and celebrated. Kids need attention, they’ll get it anyway they can. Get the kids addicted to positive reinforcement. You’ll see your bond with him build and grow and he’ll crave the positive feedback and honest affection he receives for good actions. I promise it works. And spanking almost never works unless you make them truly afraid and dread it, which will stress you out even more so I’d leave it behind.

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Whoop his butt and don’t let him run you over.


I can’t say enough how much kids feed and manipulate on emotion. Negative or positive. Don’t emphasize and give more attention to negative actions than you do positive ones. They’ll choose what gets the most reaction from you and push those buttons, whether negative or positive. They’re like sponges when little soaking up whatever is there. They truly don’t care about what kind of attention they’re getting because they don’t differentiate like adults do. Attention is attention. That’s why it’s so important to emphasize everything positive about them, they’ll embrace what gets them the most.

You have to be consistant with your son and dont give in never give him chances if he miss behaves you take him put him in his room and if he come out.u.put him right back there. Be consistant if u dont your son will know he has you. Take away a favorite toy and dont give it back until u feel he wants to improve no rewards just.because hes good for 5 minutes. Rewards.for bad only telling hes being rewarded for being a brat put your foot down enough’s enough good luck

Typical. Moms get the shit behavior bc he feels more comfortable letting it out around you. Its not comforting when its happening though. But just be consistent w consequences fir bad behavior. But your husband needs to back you up. But behaviors seem to start around 4.

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My baby acts out with his dad because I’m a stay at home mom. He doesn’t really know you as much as dad and so he’s testing your limits.

Your kid acts out around you, because he feels safe with you. You are his safe place. He knows he can unload his stress around you and he will be safe.
Little people usually can’t express themselves like an adult would. They have melt downs and such. But they do it where they feel safe. He knows you will still love him no matter what.
He doesn’t feel the same with his father.
Take it as a compliment.


Okay everybody, y’all are just telling her to concentrate and control his negative behavior. That’s it. But if that’s the sole focus that will be his focus too!!! Whatever gets him the most attention. It’s good good behavior that should be focused on, if she dismisses good behavior he’ll see no reason to be good!!! It gets him nothing!!! She needs to bring out his positive behavior not focus on his negative. He’ll think that’s all he is and all anybody cares about and it’s what gets the most attention! All kids care about is what gets them to be the center of everything. Whether they’re good or bad. You don’t not discipline, but you don’t put all your focus there. It doesn’t work!!!