My son and other kids are being bullied at soccer: How do I confront their parents?

My son is five and does soccer. The age group is 5-8. Well, there are a couple of boys in the group that pick on other kids, including mine. These couple boys will push/kick/bad mouth. They will also do it to the coaches. There is a lot of parents who sit on the side lines. No parent seems to care their child is getting bullied or bullying another. do you think I’m too harsh? Are they just kids? Example of why I’m asking, my child was listening to a coach talks to everyone. One boy started pushing him from behind. My boy said stop many times. This boy slapped him on the head. So my son kicked his ball away; the kid started crying. The parent went over to her son to calm him but didn’t even try talking to either boy about what happened. I don’t want to pull him out because he looks forward to soccer after school. What would you do?


No . I’ve already had problems with children bullying my kid and I went off. I’m not gonna deal with it. Teach your kids better.

I would first talk to the coaches to point out the behavior and then the other parent.
Maybe you can volunteer to coach as well.


I would.go to.the coach if they refuse to do anything if go to the head of the soccer board. Those bullies dont deserve to be on a team.if they’re gonna act that way


If they’re doing it to the coaches, why aren’t the coaches doing anything?

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Talk to coach, i if he won’t respond then remove your your child, i don’t think parents should get involved in the game.

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I’m the parent that isnt scared to parent other peoples kids. If I see it happening I’m not waiting to the parent to step in. I will put an end to it right then and there. If that doesnt work, then I’ll have a talk with the parent. Most of the time the parents will realize their kid is being a douche if another parent is having to correct them


i’d talk to the coaches - THEY need to have a handle on it. even at that age. my son has played soccer since he was 4, and if he needed some hugs or encouragement i was there. but the coach needs to address the kids behavior on the field and tell them what’s expected (keep your hands to yourself, etc) and if they don’t, they need to sit on the sidelines with the parent until they’re ready to play.


We talked to the coach in this scenario, and went to the president of the board when the coach failed to address the issue.


I can’t sit still while someone is mean to my kid. I would say something to the kid, the parent and the coach. If you don’t like me telling your kid that he’s being rude then you should tell your kid so i don’t have to.


5 to 8 is way too big of an age range. I would find another program. I am currently coaching two teams 4 and 6 year olds. They would not go well together. I would find a different option.


Just keep trying to stop the bully it is so destructive to Children’s will be just keep working on that teach your children or child not to bully others and go after the ones that bully your child if the parents don’t do it the parents should be stepping in and stopping their kids from being bullies a lot of times the father’s a boy in it so the boy is a boy he sees his father being one

Try a different league. This sounds like a Bush wacked team anyway

i never hesitate to talk to the parents. you can’t let kids physically touch your child. ever. and if the coach doesn’t do anything, you talk to the person ahead of them, but talking to the parents is the best bet, and the other parents can back you up. being picked on happens. it’s always been that way, but i be damned when a kid gets physical with my daughter. i’ve put a stop to it a FEW times with different boys, and my daughter has learned to stick up for herself like her mom does. she also knows if people put hands on her, then that is a whole nother level and she shouldn’t take it sitting down. ever.

Have a parent meeting.

U need to approach the coach and the parents that kind of crap shouldn’t be happening

Go to the coach and express your feelings about this

Tell your kid to punch him in his mouth the next time he slaps him in the head. The bully will stop. They only pick on people they think they can get away with it with.


Confront the coaches and the league

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Your kid handled it well & appropriate for his age. You said he said stop a few times then he stood up for himself and kicked the bully’s ball away. The bully then cried. There’s only so much you really can do for defending against bullying…but what you can do is empower your kid.

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