My son came to me about seeing someone a few years older than him: Advice?

My 15-year-old son recently came to me and told me he was dating an soon to be 18-year-old girl. I do not know how I feel about the age difference but at the same time, I am just happy he felt comfortable enough to come to me and tell me. How should I go about this? I know nothing about this girl but I think I should meet her.


It’s only a 3 year age gap. I say meet her and see what she’s like. Don’t judge just because she is almost 18.


He shouldn’t be dating in the 1st place …y’all gotta stop treating these kids like grown-ups


Don’t judge too quickly!

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You will find out more if you appear ok with it. But I get it my 20 year old is dating a 25 year old girl who has twins 🤦🤦🤦

I’d tell him no and explain why. I’m sorry that sounds awful to say no because you want him happy and to come to you about this stuff but In most states it’s illegal to date anyone under 17 if you’re 17 and older. Plus they’ll more than likely be sexually active and lets face it that’s statutory rape at that point. He’s 15 and as a mom myself my kids won’t be dating until they can pay for their own date, gas, and car insurance.

Check the state laws on statutory rape even if the female is older.

Maybe he is just more mature than the girls his age.
My sister has ALWAYS dated men 20 years older than her… 🤷

Meet her and see what she’s like if you ground him or tell him he can’t date her you may push him away which is the last thing you want.

Keep in mind it only seems odd because he’s at school.
If he was. 20 and she was 23 it wouldn’t be an issue.

Let him know your concerns (if you have any) thank him for being open and go from there.


How would treat if it was your 15yr old daughter dating an 18yr old guy? Treat it the same way.


When I was 15 I dated a boy 3 years older than me. My parents were iffy about it bit said even if they said no I was a teenager and I would prob date behind their back. Which was true. But they met him and liked him and let us date. We are no longer together bit he taught me a lot about the world in the 3 years we were together. Just let her and go from there

I think you should meet her.
But also trust your mother’s instinct, you will know if this girl is good for son.
It’s only 3 years but boys do not mature as much as girls.
Also I would have a talk with him about consent, and that it goes both ways.


Does he just want her to buy him vape products?!


I’m more concerned that she’s almost 18 messing with a 15 year old, she can legally get into some night clubs not to mention she could go to jail for messing with a minor, That’s a tough one, I’m mom of Boys and I know I personally would not let it go on, But that’s just me. I would defiantly be meeting her and her parent’s,


Really? It’s only 3 years. I’d advise him to keep his mouth shut till he’s 18 though just in case someone tried to get her in trouble.


No dating till your 18 son …


The age difference it’s not much if we’re talking about adults but he’s only 15 and she’s18 I don’t know about in the states the age here in Canada is 18 you’re an adult, you can vote, you can drink so moma meet her and see for yourself! Its good he came to you for advice!!


The age difference doesn’t matter IMO HOWEVER in this day and age with her being almost of age things can go south quickly for her law wise! Research the laws in your State regarding age of sexual consent ECT., and go from there because even if you’re ok with it, your State laws may not be but other than that precaution, use protection, be safe and have the sex talk lol

Ok so my sons father was 15 when I started dating him I was 17 … He became a father at 16 i was 18 …we fizzled out when my son turned 1… I wouldn’t worry about the age thing unless he’s talking about altering his life in major ways like quitting school ect… the relationship may fizzle out on it’s own…

I can’t understand some parents at all why would you even entertain the thought of having your child dating when he/ she should be doing childish things, not because something is norm makes it right. That’s your que when he appoach to let him know he’s too small for that the time will come when he can, for now just enjoy your childhood.