My son cries when his dad holds him: What should we do?

I am a mom to a baby boy, and I am curious if any other couples where one partner is a stay at home parent is experiencing this or has experienced this… my husband is a teacher as well as a football, basketball, and baseball coach. He is currently in football and basketball season, so those coupled with teaching he is super busy. Anyways our son is used to being with me all day to the point where he gets so worked up when my husband holds him and won’t calm down until I have him. I know the reality is he’s more comfortable with me because dad isn’t around as much as I am, but I still feel awful because I know it really hurts dad’s feelings. Has anyone else experienced this? Did you just let a baby cry it out being held so they could get used to it? I include dad when he is home letting him to feeding, diapers changes, etc. Is this just a phase, maybe??


dad has to be comfortable holding him… yes… babies get attached to people who are around them the most… it will get easier… keep going

My daughter preferred me the first 6 months, now at 1 I don’t exist when her dads home :rofl::woman_shrugging:t2: they’re still figuring it out. There will be a balance as they age. Hang in there.

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Babies feel someone who is nervous. Lol. It’s probably just a phase my daughter was like this with my mom because as a single mom, I had to work a lot so my mom kept her. She out grew it.

My daughter does the same thing.

It will all work out. The older baby gets the more they will want dad. And when hes home include dad in things baby really enjoys like bath time or play time or something else

Maybe have gum leave a used shirt at home for baby while dad is gone. Help baby get comfortable with his scent. Also did father do skin to skin? Helps with bonding!


My husband felt our son hated him because he would fuss with him. I told him it was because he was new and mommy is who he wanted. Now our son is 16 months old and adores his daddy.

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Totally normal!! He will grow out of it and have so much fun with dad when he’s a little older. Just tell dad he loves you so much and soon he will be having so much fun together.

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With babies, everything is a phase. This is super common and at some point he will be the favorite parent even though you are home all day with him and that’s frustrating too. :laughing: but it sways back and forth.


Kind of a phase, but I’d encourage their bonding a little more. Maybe the three of you cuddle more often or do the diaper changes and feeding together so it’s not such a big absence when your not close by. You’re baby’s everything: comfort, problem solver and meal ticket, so you not being close by might make baby panic. Help him associate dad as his comfort too.

Just hold him more and more talk to him with a calm voice kids feel tension and they also fill comfort keep going dad it will happen :call_me_hand:

Maybe meet up for lunch dates and to watch him coach.

when dad comes home let them do an activity or take a walk without you!

Make it a routine for him to have Daddy time

My youngest wouldn’t even go to my husband until after she was one. She is now 10 and and she is all about her daddy now. I think it’s a phase most kids go though

When my daughter was a baby she hated men in general. My husband couldnt hold her without her crying until she got older. I now have plenty of snuggling pictures of them :slightly_smiling_face:

My son is 9 months and some days it’s mommy and some daddy and some sissy. We let him choose we have a very happy baby who hardly crys

I am a stay-at-home mom my son prefers hugs by me and is like ok dad ok when my husband hugs him my son is just a momma’s boy he doesn’t really care for hugs from his sis either and that’s ok

Go eat lunch with dad, go meet dad after school before practice and before games, during dads planning period etc…

My daughter did the same thing but once they start recognizing different faces they’ll get better at it. My husband would get hurt too, but he was patient and spent time with her while I wasn’t around and she came around. :heart: Just don’t give up! Babies will get the idea who loves them most in time.

It’s just a phase, he’ll grow out of it! Luckily my husband is a stay at home dad, and I’m a stay at home mom so this never happened to US, but it definitely happens with anyone who ISNT us. Totally normal!