My son does not sleep: Advice?

My son is 8. He barely sleeps. He might get 4 hrs a night. I took tv and Xbox out of the room, but I still hear him up at 3, 4, 5 AM. Melatonin will put him to sleep, but only for 2-3 hours. His bedtime is 9pm. I tried chamomile tea as well. When I was pregnant with him, I couldn’t sleep. What do I do?


You can try Dr Teal’s sleep lotion with melatonin & essential oils
Might want to rub it on his forehead and ears massage his back with it!

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we have a 10 yo with same problem took him to dr. got him sleep meds. just an option

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My son did not sleep very well. Get together with his teacher and guidance counselor and see if he has trouble sitting still. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years old.


Have him run laps, ride his bike or scooter around for at least an hour. Sounds like he needs to burn some energy.


My son is the same way. He’s 6 and a half. We have the same issue with melatonin. We use lavender sleep spray, lavender essential oils. Nothing has helped. He’s going for a sleep study on Monday. Maybe ask your pediatrician if that’s something you can do also!

Have you tried taking to his pediatrician about it? I only say that bc my 10yr old has always had sleep issues melatonin will put him to sleep but not keep him asleep finally had to have prescription meds to help him stay asleep

Kavinase pm and maybe try magnesium at night. I’m not a doctor but you can try this.

Tire him out. He should be playing and doing enough physically that he sleeps. Take him outside on walks to the park, hiking etc.


I personally recommend Valerian root it’s like melatonin but stronger and it’s natural

Humans are actually segmented sleepers… is he sleeping during the day?

You’ve passed your non sleepiness on to him :sob::rofl:

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Take him to a sleep specialist. My daughter was finally diagnosed with sleep apnea at age 12. She didn’t sleep through the night from birth until age 5. And even until recently would still wake up a lot of times. We finally know why and are taking care of it. She gets fitted for her Cpap tomorrow.

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Maybe try a weighted blanket

Don’t allow naps - if he is taking them stop. Ensure he is up at same time every morning. CBT-i coach is an app that’s free that has some good techniques.

Cut sugar out of his diet, also control the carbs, red food dye


We took our daughter to a psychiatrist. They made sure we saw a sleep neurologist to make sure there wasn’t anything medically keeping her away. My daughter’s body does not slow down to get enough sleep. She used to stay awake days at a time. The psychiatrist prescribed her something for sleep. It’s amazing what a difference 6 hours of sleep a night have done for her!

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Sleep study and maybe an ENT for tonsil and adenoids issue

Check his diet remove sugars. Have a routine.

My 7yr old also doesn’t sleep, weve done sleep studies and nothing works. He plays outside after school for hours and is still up till midnight or later. I just finally gave up. He does great in school, he not a behavior problem. HE just doesn’t sleep!!!

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