My son doesn't listen to me: Please help!

I need help! My son does not listen to me ever! He whines and throws a fit from the time he wakes up til he goes to sleep. I don’t have the patience anymore.


How old is your son? This is the nature of children. Hang in there mama.

Lmfao :joy: dude welcome to parenthood xD motherhood what ever u wanna say xD what kid listens what kid doesnt throw fits for nothing is the real question … when my daughter is taking fits for nothin my trick is distract her with something else something else she likes or likes doing what ever lol


I have renamed my 6 year to (her first name/don’t listen as her middle name) :joy::joy::joy:

Say what you mean, mean what you say. Dont argue with your child.


My twins are 20 months old and they are always angry lately if it’s not one it’s the other it’s so overwhelming sometimes when u cant figure out what to do to just stop the whining and pitch fitting :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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Drink some wine or whiskey mama when they go to sleep and take a long hot bath or whatever relaxes you set your coffee pot to be done when you wake up and get a good nights rest you’ll make it threw it parenting isn’t a easy task

I totally get it, I have 3 children (7, 5, 3) be clear on what is expected out of him. You’re going to have to find some patience, because its going be hard at times. Motherhood is no walk in the park! You gotta find what works for you guys :heart:


Welcome to being a parent :joy::joy::joy:

Spank him and time out until he learns that crying and especially throwing a fit won’t get his way.


Well… this seems more like a vent post than a question… if so, we feel ya- all been there… but if you want help and age appropriate suggestions- we need a little more info…


Talk to his doctor maybe he needs counseling or medication. How old is he?

Stay calm, don’t pay attention to him during his fits, wait for him to calm down before you calmly explain things to him, always help him understand why he needs to do certain things like bath, dinner whatever, praise him for doing well… most importantly be consistent. Just a few things I learned from my childs therapist. I hope it helps. But consistancy is the only way to help change things.


Sit him in the corner and beat his ass every time he gets up. Worked on me, worked on my son :joy::raised_hands:t4:

Ima need to know the age of child before i can offer any sort of advice. Either way tho this is parenthood… This is just what kids do so go ahead and find some patience cuz youre gonna need it forever now youre a mom lol


Parent of 30 yrs, RESPECT for your word is established EARLY. Mean what you SAY, say what you MEAN and stay consistent. Dont be AFRAID to take em over your knee and paddle that butt! The sooner you prove you WILL do it, the LESS you will have to do it.


Watch super nanny. She’s awesome


Nip it in the bud…
Put him in the corner, he will get tired of it and start listening

Teach respect goes both ways. From you to him and him to you. Discipline. Whatever discipline technique you choose. But he has to know there will be consequences for his actions. Stick to your guns. The younger years are the hardest but establishing discipline and respect early will help SO MUCH in the long run. (Beating his butt multiple times a day isn’t necessary) but time outs and stern talks are important to let him know you mean business. Good luck momma :heart:


Depending on the age a little bop or a smack of the hand goes a long way. For ones a little older, punishment (no snacks, no screen time, certian toys taken away)
You gotta stand your ground.
And, sadly, depending on how old your LO is, it’s only the beginning.
My one year old just recently started throwing herself around, screaming every time she was told no.
The whole not listening thing and screaming thing is just part of being a toddler.