My son gags every time he eats solid foods: Advice?

My son is nine months old and loves his purées, but he’s had difficulty with eating real solid food. He gags every time he eats or sometimes doesn’t even try it if he doesn’t like the texture on his fingers. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what are some tips to get him over it? What are the best foods to start with? My daughter never had a problem and ate any food we gave her. The doctor said to keep trying, and I am. But I just wanted to see if anyone else had some experience with this.


It’s common for them to gag in the beginning. I never did purées so the transition was never an issue. I would just keep trying. Food before 1 is for letting them explore it and figure it out. Their main sources of nutrients are breastmilk/formula.


My youngest. It got better as he got older but he is still an extremely picky eater especially when it comes to texture.

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You need to slowly change the consistency from puree getting thicker over time and I would give tiny tiny pieces at a time let him explore and take his time, try different things maybe softer foods first and see how that goes

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Let him play with more solid food so he can feel the textures. Bits of cheese, banana, crisp type snacks etc. You could also try making it slightly lumpier each time by not pureeing it as much each time. It could be SPD so it might take time to introduce new foods.

Same exact problem! My first born was super easy, no issues. Around 9 months my youngest gagged every time we tried solid food. He was fine with purées. He wouldn’t eat puffs, Cheetos, anything. We actually are in feeding therapy (hes now almost 1 yr old) & its helped tremendously.

My youngest did. I made his baby food and just gradually added more and more texture. Once he was on more solids, he still had to have everything in some sort of sauce or gravy or he would gag on it. He is 4 now and he still won’t eat certain textures

At 9 month stage one or two foods should be sufficient. No need to introduce solids just yet.


My 3 year old is the same way. Never did purées but he took forever it seemed to do solids. Now he’s extremely picky on textures. He refuses to eat breads and noodles and anything squishy.

Not in the same way as you, but our oldest used to gage on mashed potatoes. She laget could not eat them for about a year.

It’s pretty normal for them to not like solids at first. Just keep trying.

Our daughter refused baby food all together she did formula for an entire year! When we started going to whole milk she decided food was ok lol dr said she would eat when she was ready and that the formula was fine. Shes now 22 months old and weighs 30 pounds lol

Have him evaluated by an ibclc for a posterior tongue tie. They will do a functional assessment as that is a very common symptom of a oral tie.

Personally I’d speak with his doctor. It could just be he needs to get used to it…but gagging can also indicate other issues…like throat irritation or enlarged tonsils. And while I dont believe babies are diagnosed if it continues it could be a sign of sensory processing disorder.

Definitely work on thickening the purees. If he also has an issue with texture, what we were told to do by my sons occupational therapist was to “push the reflex back” - we did this when we brushed his teeth. Using a toothbrush, you brush around his entire mouth and especially the roof of his mouth and tongue, gradually getting further “in” so to speak to push the reflex back. I used the different textures brushes for teething, swapped them every night so he had a new texture. It took a few months but it helped a lot. I would ask your pediatrician if that could be a thing before you officially try it, im by no means a doctor or OT. But this was what really worked for my son.


Personally, I would hold off on solids for a while. Then try again with super soft stuff. He may not be ready for solids yet.

Either way, you should talk to his doctor about it to make sure something else isn’t going on that’s causing the gagging.

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Honestly at that age I use to just dip my finger in it and put some of the taste on her mouth and she would generally try it after that if she liked the taste

Maybe try different brands to see or make your own food…Could possibly be linked to Acid reflux

He might have a sensory disorder too my youngest does she is 17 there is food she won’t eat or touch of the texture or feeling of it in her mouth

My son was like that. We had to go to speech therapy. It helped for a few months but we’re back at square 1 now. He is very picky & hates anything with a texture.

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