My son has a diaper rash due to his antibiotic: What can I do?

My son (almost seven months) had his first ear infection and was put on an antibiotic. It’s making him have really really bad diarrhea multiple times a day, which is giving him a bad diaper rash on top of it. Besides Desitin & Tylenol, any mommas have tips on how to give him some relief? He’s crying at every diaper change, and I just feel so awful. He also hasn’t really been interested in solids. We still have another week left on the antibiotic.


Call doctor about the antibiotic and lots of fluids

Corn starch saved my life

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Sit him in the bathtub with just a little bit of water and let him soak. It helps my daughter a lot, we usually do it everyday when she’s really red

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Lotromin from Walmart.
Amazing stuff.

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Athlete’s foot cream!

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He may need a prescription cream from the doctor, might need to see the doc again, my daughter had that happen alot too while on antibiotics

Call his dr. And get some nystatin cream ! The antibiotics most likely caused a yeast infection rash.


I would call your doctor. Could be an allergic reaction to the med. As for easing the diaper rash, try buying a stronger cream or Aquaphor works great too

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Baking soda bath, mommas milk bath. Oatmeal bath. Call the Dr.

Organic raw Coconut oil works great too!

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Probiotics! It helps replace the good gut bacteria that will prevent diarrhea and rash. They make a powder form probiotic for kids that you can put in a drink or mix into food.

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Plain cornstarch keeps the area clean. I used both cornstarch and desitin. And to help his tummy. There is a powder over the counter called culturelle. I swear by it. It’s a little powder that can be added to all his foods or drink… helps out ALOT!


Corn Starch was a life saver for us.

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Penaten works best, it creates a barrier and stops the irritation. I recommend the one in the metal tin. He will be better in no time!

The best cream is triple medicated ointment-trust me I’m three kids in who all had horrible diarrhea for the first few months of their lives! Also use just plain water and sensitive skin soap-just hold his bottom under warm water and hand wash-in between use warm rags with no soap

Lots of fluid so he doesn’t get dehydrated and a nice soothing bath and let him air out and be completely dry before putting any paste on his tushy

I put a layer of vaseline between the babies bottom and diaper. A thick layer.
1st diaper rash cream
2nd vaseline to prevent new rash

And bathing baking soda to take the sting our of the rash.

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Coconut oil. Or cornstarch

Corn starch is the very best for diaper rash good luck