My son has a fever and a swollen lymph node: Advice?

My Lo is almost two years old. He has been fighting a fever for several days. He tested negative for strep. We noticed a swollen lymph node on his neck yesterday. We took him back in today, and they want to do bloodwork. My mind is racing, of course, of the worst possible scenarios. Have any mommas been through this with swollen lymph nodes in your kiddos and had to have bloodwork done?


My kiddo currently has a swollen lymph node, we go Monday for a ultrasound since antibiotics didn’t make it go away :disappointed: he’s had no fever tho.

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My daughter has had swollen lymph nodes and they told me not to worry about it unless they doubled or even tripled in size over night or in a short period of time.

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They didn’t test for Covid-19?

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My son has one behind his ear. Our pediatrician wasn’t very worried. She said it’s a common spot, and didn’t feel any more elsewhere.

I’m 38 and healthy. Have had swollen lymph nodes behind my ears, throat and inner thighs my whole life. As a mom I totally get the panic. But it could also just mean your baby is super blessed with big nodes. I personally think they are the reason I do not get sick.


He probably just has a cold/flu, lymph nodes swell more when sick. Ibuprofen/Tylenol rotation usually fixes my kiddos when they’re ill

Not trying to scare you. When my daughter just turned 3 she had a high fever that wouldn’t go away, swollen lymph node in her neck, then a rash. More symptoms came after while in hospital but it took 9 days to finally diagnose her with Kawasaki disease. She’s a healthy 17 year old now but it was so scary. It was the nurses who saved her. All of the doctors wouldn’t listen to them. They had a doctor that wasn’t even working who just happened to be there come and ask me if he could look at her.

My daughter got mono when she was in kindergarten took them 3 months to find it she had swollen nodes and high fever

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My oldest had a severely swollen lymph node at two months old. I panicked because his entire neck and face was very swollen. They didn’t draw blood but he wound up being hospitalized for lymphadenitis.

Aren’t those signs of the plague which was just announced to have a case here in Cali just the other day.

I’m not a doc and don’t want to worry you but you did ask and that was the first thing I thought of because I just read the news article this morning. Hope your little one feels better.

I had swollen lymph nodes for a year when I had mono…
Was the baby making out with anyone recently?


Swollen lymph nodes just happen some time. A sinus infection or just some allergy drainage could cause them. My kids get them on occasion our doctor hasn’t been concerned unless they last for months.


We had the blood work and ultrasound done a couple weeks ago on my 3 year old. Fever and swollen lymph nodes for a week. All tests came back fine. They put him on a broad spectrum antibiotic and it seemed to do the trick. Still really have no idea what he had going on!

Any bug bites! I know with my 3rd he got mosquito bites around 18 months and his lymph nodes in his skull just blew up! I was so dang scared, sometimes it just happens!

A swollen lymph could mean a bad viral infection. Best to check it’s nothing more though. Could be mumps if you didn’t do both MMR yet.

I always get swollen lymph nodes with a sinus infection

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Yes my son had abnormal lymphatic system and he’s had one in the neck under the chin surgically drained and removed… not sure if he will have more or not per the doctor

Have them check for cat scratch fever.