My son has ADHD and doesn't sleep: Advice?

Moms, I need help before I lose my effing mind!!! My son has been up since 230 am!!! Still awake !!! I have given him melatonin. We have even tried kids Unisom, and NOTHING WORKS!!! It is EVERY NIGHT, and this momma is out of options, and before you say it, I have done activities to burn energy. We play outside; we nap and don’t nap!!! Nothing works … this is an every night thing. He will wake up usually around 3 am like clockwork and be awake till about 5!


Try coffee are a lil soda


If open to meds, Guanfacine may help.

It could be the medication. This was a problem for us. We tried to be understanding because it wasn’t the child’s fault. Not sleeping can make the symptoms way worse. Contact the Dr and explain what is happening.

My son takes clonidine and melatonin at night

Do you give him sugar … my son has ADHD to he has a hard time sleeping to …

Kid proof his room and make him stay in it. He will get bored soon enough.


Our pediatrician has my son on hydroxyzine and melatonin. The melatonin helps him fall asleep and the hydroxyzine helps him stay asleep. It’s technical an allergy med but can also me used to calm and relax the nerves in the body. We tried a bunch of stuff before hand and this combo finally did the trick.

My son had to take melatonin and benedryl

We use a weighted blanket with our youngest and it’s been a game changer


Talk to your dr and try to eliminate screen time and sugar content daily… Prayers im also in this situation with my youngest and waiting for school testing and then we go from there . good luck

My daughter is ADHD, she is Not a sleeper, never has been (shes 7) and still has never slept through the night, but her doctor gave her medication that does help her sleep longer… if that’s an option… now she is asleep by about 8ish and sleeps to around 5 am, and will usually stay in her room and play until we wake up around 8 or so…Talk to your doctor…

Had to go to pediatrician and get her on chlondine she would stay up all night til 8 am sleep til 12pm and do it all over again

This is one of the manic symptoms that will not resolve with well-intentioned activity suggestions or otc/herbal supplements. You should talk to a doctor about medication options that you might be comfortable with. Melatonin, sleep aids, even caffeine have side effects if used long-term. If he is diagnosed as ADHD, there are chemical imbalances in his brain that can be brought back into balance with the right treatments. It’s not just about being “energetic” or “spirited”. A doctor can help you figure out the best plan for ongoing treatment


Nothing worked with my wee boy melatonin didn’t work his pediatrician put him on a sleep sedative some nights it knocks him out all night the odd night he will wake just for a drink x

Give him quiet toys and books he can stay in his bed and play. That’s what I do with my kiddos

My daughter is the exact same, she wakes up after 3 hours and up the rest of the day. I have tried a weighted blanket, and playing to burn out the energy. My doctor said it is insomnia.

My daughter would wake up around those times & I also gave her melatonin I actually had to stop giving her the melatonin & start keeping her up around 11:30 12 than put her to bed & now she sleeps all night

My son has adhd and autism and takes melatonin at night to help along with his daily medication! I find a daily routine helps tea bath n then he chills for an hour before bed to give his head a rest and he sleeps ok then X

Ask your doctor about lowering or taking off the a stims. If they went sleeping enough they’re taking too much