My son has ADHD and doesn't sleep: Advice?

Best meds for my two sons is catapress tablets. My eldest 14 has 1 tablet about an hour before bed and my yougest 11 is on 2 tablets at night best thing ever.
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Is he medicated for his adhd, my son also has adhd amd takes a stimulant if taken to late in the morning, say if we sleep in he will have a hard time sleeping. My son take trazsdone and melatonin to sleep or he will be up for days on end

My 7 year old has adhd he dosent sleep much either he just sits in bed twiddling his thumbs. What helps him is his special blanket and he has a sensory light. We use to play music for him but had to stop a while ago due to it keeping his little brother up

Buy lavender or rosemary shampoo and conditioner from suave
Try use lavender oils or lotion :lotion_bottle: massage on forehead and back!

There is a product called Natural Calm and they have gummies. It’s magnesium, which promotes sleep.

My friend used caffeinated water… it has the opposite effect on the adhd kids… talk to your doctor about it.

My Pediatrician put my sons on a very low dose of Clonidine. Both had ADD. I would give it to them about an hour before bedtime. It worked like a charm. They are both adults now, but both took it until well into their teenage years. I also felt like I was losing my mind until she prescribed this. It was a life saver because neither one of them slept.

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Maletonion and clonidine helps my son.

Have him checked for sleep apnea.

I got my daughter a furreal per that doubles as sound machine. She says it helps. No tablet or TV 2 hours before bedtime helps too.

I have struggled with ADHD and so does my daughter. Melatonin does not work for us. But L-theanine works for both of us. Along with a structured sleep routine. We both go to bed much later than most people. But this is what works for us.

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tryed open windows let fresh air in…let them get up hearly in the morning…

Reading is one of the few things I’ve seen help.

My sons doctor put him on magnesium

My son had ADHD, didn’t sleep through the night until he was 7 (and then only occassionally). He could be awake all night if he wanted, but I taught him to stay in his room and stay quiet, no leaving his bedroom until Mom (me) got up. Some nights were rough. Don’t be too quick to jump to all the medication suggestions on here, consult with your dr.

Try a chiropractor it worked wonders for my little

Contact a sleep specialist and have a sleep study done.

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If this has been occurring since birth (and not a side effect of his ADHD meds), ask your pediatrician about a sleep study. Often sleep disorders will present with ADHD symptoms.


Best thing I ever did for my kiddo who has adhd was therapy!! He can now manage his feelings without meds. Its so important for our kids to understand the feelings they have. Since my kiddo has been under control emotionally his sleep has improved 100%

If you’re letting them go to sleep at 5 that’s why he’s awake at that time I have two boys who are ADHD tried the same thing but I forced him to stay awake until at least 8 p.m. so you may have no choice but to figure out some way of keeping them up until 8 p.m. and you might be lucky like I was to get it to where they slept until 6 a.m.

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I’m a support worker and o have used melatonin at work, you need to be realllyyyyyyy relaxed for it to work. Maybe try a bubble bath with LED candles and then a bedtime story while they kick in :heart: