My son has ADHD and doesn't sleep: Advice?

My son did that. His doctor said it was due to lack of schedule. Do daily walks and lavender baths. Spray the air 30min before sleeping

Melatonin and Benadryl have the opposite effect on my child neither help him sleep at all they both actually wire him up even more.


I wouldn’t let him go to sleep at 5pm sounds like hes sleeping the right amount of hours just not normal sleeping hours. Adjust his schedule.

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Just talk to his doctor.

Have you talked to his doctor? Perhaps they could prescribe something. If your son is taking rx, he may need a medication change.

Schedules are very important with adhd. Routine wake up time, same meal times and the same bedtime routine every night. Like dinner, playtime, bath time, bedtime story and then tuck in bed. It takes awhile but if you can get him on the same routine, I guarantee not only will his sleep improve but so will he’s behavior and everything else


Rule out other diagnoses- sleep apnea- mood disorders-especially with early awakenings- and look into sleep hygiene and CBT-i- cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. There is a CBT-i coach app that is free that is a good program.

This might sound weird but have you tried a can of coke, my nephew is ADHD and he had a coke one day and it calmed him down. He wasn’t allowed pop of any kind when he was younger,

My daughter finds that things that would have a sleepy effect on a non adhd brain have the opposite effect on her. I would take to the dr about it.

Find a good psychiatrist. My daughter is 8 and never slept even as a newborn. Melatonin and the prescription type benadryl had adverse reactions to her. Melatonin had her up for almost 2 days straight. My daughter has been on a prescription sleep medication since September and even though its only 4 to 5 hours of sleep it has made a huge difference in her behavior! She was diagnosed with behavioral insomnia. She is also ADHD.

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Melatonin was what our doc recommended for my daughter. Liquid kind, under the tongue. High protein diet, routines.

my son’s doctor put him on Clonidine to make him fall asleep and stay asleep and it’s worked wonders

I have 3 kids with it. We have a very strict schedule mainly cause 1 is autistic but. Starting at 5pm we eat dinner by 6pm warm baths for 20-30 minutes rub down with baby bedtime lotion and we give 20-30ml of liquid sleep aid (yes we talked to their dr this was our last hope for sleep) 730 to 8pm story time and if they are still awake we will youtube children’s sleepy time music and pick the one with blue sky and yellow stars is their favorite then listen to that and cuddle until they fall asleep sometimes 10 minutes and on rough days an hour and a half but they are usually asleep no later than 9:30 and wake up between 5am when I do and 730am. It took us 9 days of doing this to get the routine going and now they tell me when I’m running late doing something.

My son is the same but he is 15.Up all night sleep all day

My son has ADHD and odd and we go thru unsion behaver health and we had the same u are going Thur we trued everything and we stared going to unsion and his Dr put him on coladine 0.1 and when he stared that he stared to sleep

And he has been on that for 3 years plus all the other meds he is on helps him with his ADHD and odd at home and in school

And now he is 8 no more sleeping problem and calmer

My god son also has awful ADHD she’s been using the dr reals for kids bath salt stuff it’s got lavender and melatonin she said it really made a difference

Coffee. Works opposite for ADD kids.

I’m Adhd and if I take melatonin it hypes me up. I could clean my house and yours. Caffeine calms me down.

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