My son has ADHD and his father does not want him medicated: Advice?

I need some help, guys. So my son has ADHD, but my ex-husband that I share 50/50 custody with does not want our son on medicine. It’s very aggravating to me, but I’m not willing to start a war with my ex over medication. So I have started trying him on natural things to help him focus better. It’s been helping a little bit. He went from making really bad grades on his spelling tests to making even a few :100:. He hasn’t failed a spelling test in a few weeks now, but oh my goodness, the principal and vice-principal are constantly on my toes about ADHD medicine. When I tell them about the natural stuff I’m giving him, they have nothing to say, all they want is for him to be on ADHD medicine from a doctor. I understand it’s a small school, and they want to look as good as possible, but it is not their place to tell me that I need to stop letting my ex walk on me and need to get a lawyer, blah blah blah. They have said way too much that is out of place and none of their business. My question is, how do I get these people to understand that I am not going to start problems between me and my ex, especially considering how far we have come on getting along, especially considering my son is making progress. I don’t want the drama, but I don’t want to be getting treated like a child myself. I hate drama, but what is being done to me shouldn’t be getting done, and I know that. My son is only 8. He’s been at other schools, and no other school has treated me like this, but I kind of sit back, let them talk, and somewhat agree just for the simple fact I do not want my son to be targeted more than he already is. I don’t know what to do. I need them to shut up so how do I do that without coming off as a big b**** because I swear when I hit my breaking point, it’s silence in the room because I let it all out and I don’t need to be that person where my kids attend school at lol.


Not the kid, ur husband

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Try CBD gummies. Dont use the girl standard, he is a boy.

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Uhm adhd medicine is basically crack and will change the developing frontal lobe. He needs to learn to naturally outgrow adhd as many kids do, not suppress it. I was on adhd medication for 10 years and only now do I see all the negative affects.


I’d give them my ex number and say call him about any concern u have lol


A good diet, exercise, stag away from fluorescent lights, love him, do not make him nervous


I didn’t give my ex a say with our other son who experienced the same behaviours. And he’s doing well. The school pressured me as well and I went for it. He started to bring home good notes and good marks on tests. I wish I did this with my oldest. I can’t wipe clean a criminal record.


My son has adhd and me and his doctor refuse to medicate, I’ve had friends and family tell me to medicate and I tell them to fuck off :woman_shrugging:t2: pretty simple … honestly we use a specific chair in school like a stool that rocks … he’s been doing much better … also depends on the age my doctor told me to have him exercise and take him to run the track before school… try different techniques before medication it fucked my cousin up and I always hated being medicated myself being a child whom also suffered. Your his mom and you know beat and if he’s progressing that’s all that matters!!

Speak to the school about a IEP (individual education plan) and possibly a 504 plan which gives him extra time on tests in a quiet space. Look into a seat cushion for children with ADHD my son had.


This sounds somewhat similar to me. My daughter is 8, not diagnosed ADHD, but the last 2 years has had trouble focusing in school. They said she wasn’t bad enough for meds, but I never even thought of trying natural things to help with focusing! Please let me know what you use! Thank you!

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You don’t need to go and drug him up. It’s none of their business, if he is acting better then that’s all that matters

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Be a bitch because they are one over stepping boundaries and two targeting your kid as well as the fact that he is making progress

Demand an IEP. Establish that ADHD is a legit diagnosis. If they continue to target file a complaint with the board of education stating he has federal laws protecting him under the Americans with disabilities act. Meet with a nutritionist and develop an ADHD diet. Stand your ground.

My girl has ADHD and the school has done some pretty terrible stuff including encouraging her impulsiveness and she came home one day with someone else’s pants.

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I’d get your pediatrician involved with this, and above all, your the mom, no one ever ever will be able to do what moms do best… your kid, your rules, that’s it…

They are NOT Drs. I have a problem with them constantly pushing pills like they have a PhD. Not their place and with him improving without shows it’s not a need

Talk to a lawyer who will tell you what your rights are

If you want to medicate him JUST because the school is on you, then I don’t agree with you and wouldn’t medicate him either. If it’s because medication would benefit his well being then daddy should be at this appointments and make a decision together but I’m sorry, it seems like the only reason you wanna medicate so badly is to appease his school and they cannot make you medicate him. You are his mother and courts could get involved if you need them too. Everyone should be working together to make sure this boy succeeds in life. My daughter’s cousin was forced into medication for his ADHD by his school and this child’s spirit waa drained away. Medicating CAN HELP but it should be the last option!

Try alternative medicine cbd oils are amazing


Also ask what the school counselor is doing to teach him effective coping and management skills to increase his focus and attention span

Can sign him up with an agency for counseling and case management who would already be in the schools or go into the schools and work with him since the school sou is like they are not