My son has ADHD: How can I get him to eat?

I have a six-year-old who has been diagnosed with ADHD since he was 4. We have had nothing but issues with all medications. He doesn’t eat, and if he does, it’s only a snack or two a day. We recently had to take him off all medications in order for him to gain weight and get his health up. Do any of you lovely parents have any advice on alternative treatments or how you get your kids to eat?


What are they on? My son has been on intuniv for a little over a year now and it hasn’t affected his appetite at all

My son loves lunchables and we let him eat dinner separate as long as he eats. Next time u go grocery shopping ask what he wants for dinner if u have a hard time show him things u think he might like and ask him.

I’d ask about prescribed cdb oil (it will have trace amounts of thc) but it will give him an appetite and who knows what else may improve

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What medication is he on? My son who is now almost 20 struggled when he was on certain medication and it came to a point where he was losing a lot of weight.

I agree with trying the CBD. With a small amount of THC it will hopefully give him an appetite.

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Carnation instant breakfast shake mixes…high in protein and can be blended with fruit for a smoothie…my ADHDer likes the chocolate and strawberry ones


You can try Carnation Breakfast shakes they should help with weight n appetite for him :blue_heart:

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Pediasure shakes help a lot.

We would do protein shakes, with peanut butter, chocolate, maybe add ice cream. Load them up with the good stuff, our son would get full from them but they were a good 300 to 600 calories a shake.

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Feed him before he takes his meds if you can. High calorie protein drinks. Let him have a midnight snack or 3.

Have him eat a good breakfast before taking his meds. Also, supply him with pediasure a few times a day. :blush:

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We give pediasure or carnation instant breakfast mixes. We also make sure he eats breakfast before we give meds. He takes Adderall ER so it’s only supposed to last around 8 hours. We also offer sweets in exchange for eating.

Hes 9 and we told him, this may make you not hungry but it’s so important that you make yourself eat so you can grow.

Try Boost protein drinks

Sounds crazy, but coffee for ADHD! I had numerous people tell me this and I was like… umm no. Why would I give a hyper active child coffee :joy: But I swear when I finally tried it, it helped sooo much! His school even started giving him a cup at lunch, they called me because they were so impressed with the difference it made!


My daughter is autistic and has big issues with food as well. I would suggest putting him on a liquid multivitamin to substitute for the nutrients he’s not getting. My daughter wound in the hospital couple of years ago because she had scurvy! :flushed: She wasn’t getting any vitamin C in the little she does eat.

My kid had the same problem his dr prescribed him those protein shakes it helped a lot and they come right to our front door

An ice cube tray with something different in each part

take him off the stimulant medication and try the none stimulate ones…that is what we have used and my daughter was diagnosed at 3 now almost 7 and has done well on it

I agree with taking time at the grocery store to let him pick things he might like.
& Don’t be surprised if he wants much of the same meal over & over as most kids like the routine & don’t care for a change in foods.