My son has ADHD: How can I get him to eat?

Children’s vitamins a lot of glasses of milk with strawberry or chocolate quick if you can get him to drink that feed alot of what he will eat have a 7yr old grandson that don’t eat much

I don’t know if they have a dr. That let them know about the medication Daytrana? It’s a patch that you use daily for ADHD. It was game changer in every way for us!

Brillia! It is a homeopathic anxiety/ADHD medicine for kids and adults. Formulas for both.
It has no side effects, not addicting and can be taken with anything else without worry- as it is homeopathic and works alongside the body.
I give it to my son multiple times a day (it is a dissolvable pill I put in water for him because he is too young for it to dissolve on its own)

Reviews on Facebook are great and their website has more reviews as well.

Give him supplements, like pediasure. Also, introduce foods and ingredients to him and have him help you prepare them.

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My child had the same problem an they prescribed her ensure in all flavors an she would drink 3 a day with a meal of some sort for a while she was stuck on just cereal an it cup a noodles soup

I give my son coffee instead of medication, high amounts of caffeine help the ADHD symptoms

An coffee would calm my daughter down as well on days I didn’t give her meds

With my 2 kids with adhd, my physician recommended the least amount of medication that could control the symptoms. Many of those meds end up being an appetite suppressant and can stunt growth. Just my experience. Best of luck finding what works in your situation.

My son had the same issues of not gaining weight. I feed him a big breakfast before his medication and then he will eat dinner and he always gets a bowl of cereal right before bed. Sometimes he will snack throughout the day so I try to keep his favorite things on hand … crackers, apples, bananas, applesauce, pop tarts…

I bought super cute animal molds and freeze Greek yogurt in them. My son thinks it’s a treat but he can have it any time of the day (even for breakfast). :heart:

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My son has severe ADHD and he was same way. Wouldn’t eat so his pediatrician and I had agreed to get him those health shakes (something like boost but Equate brand from Wal-Mart) and he drank those since we couldn’t get him to eat anything hardly. He was so skinny he was starting to look like a sick kid. But those shakes helped so much

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My son is adha an is 12 he still dose not eat much manly just lol things all day all day an night he is only 90 pounds an will drop to 80 sometimes but they said as long as he’s eating something they don’t mind

I second the coffee thing! We started my son on it 3 years ago. He got tired of it until we switched up creamer flavors. He gets a cup on school days and it lasts till about 1 or 2pm. We skip weekends just because. But I did it to try something that wasnt meds

Take him off the meds and out him on cbd oil it will help him tremendously

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My sister old me organic bananas help with adhd Not sure if its true…

Also, my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at about 6. I didn’t want to put her on medication but didn’t have a choice. Nothing helped. And she was so disruptive in class. We tried several different medications over the span of 2 years. She was so tiny! She was all legs and had to wear slims with a belt. She had no appetite with the meds, some completely zoned her out. We finally tried Foaling, a small dose 2 times a day and it worked. She was able to keep her focus at school and by the time she got home, she was her normal, hyper, happy self. And had an appetite. Some doctor’s tend to over medicate people, especially children. Do not be afraid to speak up! You know your child better than any doctor. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to maybe get an evaluation of your child. There may be some underlying condition.

My son is on Concerta he’s also 6 years old and he sleeps and eats just fine.

My 10yr is on Concerta for ADHD. He is naturally thin but eats like a bottomless pit. This is the 3rd medication that we tried and the only one that has worked. We have the dose set to only get him through his school day and summer time we reduce.

Pediasure. Works wonders

My son was given a prescription to increase his appetite. However, he was not on medications for adhd or diagnosed with it.