My son has ADHD: How can I get him to eat?

Coffee!!! My 5 year old has autism and adhd and bounces off the walls, unless he has some coffee in the morning and then he can settle down throughout the day

No junk food, sugar, etc. Home cooked whole foods,

Same problem, but we were prescribed cyphroheptadine to counter act that! And it helped a lot!

Mountain Dew or coffee, caffeine acts as a suppressant for kids with ADHD. Growing up, I tested all the adhd medications on the market today, they completely suppress your appetite. If you keep him on his meds, make sure he eats a full breakfast and give him his meds as early as possible. The earlier he takes them, the earlier they’ll wear off so he’ll eat

Since he’s off meds, give him some caffeine, it helped my brother with ADHD. Remember, that he learns differently, give him lots of breaks and time to move.

Allow him to graze, or keep foods and snacks available that he can just grab whenever he gets the urge to eat.

We had success with cbd

Leave healthy foods out where he can easily get to it and see it such as on the counter, table etc. If he likes chocolate milk do ensure with Nesquick to kill the vitamin taste.

With my son who has ADHD… me and the dr agreed that he didn’t have to take them on the weekend and then when school was out. Those days he would make up the eating. But we did a big breakfast and a boost shake

I was told to give my son carnation instant breakfast to help gain weight from the medication

My son takes a prescription to boost his appetite. He has other issues so the meds help a lot

Just a couple of suggestions; wake him early enough to eat before medication, at lunch offer full meal but have a 3 bite rule (sometimes when they begin eating the 3 bites they will unknowingly continue to eat), don’t give up if the adhd negatively effects his daily function of life. I’m not suggesting forcing feeding pills but I also know the road to the right chemical balance for each child is different and is really tiring on mamas, daddies, and any caregiver. He may also have some sensory issues along side that cause him to like only certain foods, allow him to eat those foods. Consider boost or a pediasure shake daily. Know that you’re not rowing your boat alone and there is a lot of great support groups out there!

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Make mini pizzas with him. Let him make his own

Cyproheptadine is an appetite stimulant. My son is 19. ASD, Lennox-Gasteaux Syndrome, a rare brain malformation, and ADHD. He cannot be medicated for the ADHD because of the seizure meds. He doesnt eat because.of one of the seizure meds. We have to add Cyproheptadine to get him eating again every so often. We usually only need it for a month or two.

I took mine off all meds and homeschooled him… it was that bad. You could try checking for allergies too. That may help the ADHD.

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We make sure to eat a big healthy breakfast before medication. Then we don’t medicate on the weekends and let him eat whatever he wants.

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Pediasure, I know is expensive but I was giving to my daughter twice a day for her to gain weight. She has ADHD and meal time are a shitshow. With pediasure at least she was getting 500 calories a day :woman_shrugging:t2:

My 7 year old has severe adhd. He eats better on medication than off…like we had to add a booster in the evenings because he couldnt eat dinner otherwise. …but even with that he lost weight until he started on vyvanse.
He’s gained almost 10 pounds in a year and a half (37 pounds up to 46 pounds). Since starting it and modifying his diet.

We just take what people ordinarily do to loose weight and reasonably apply the opposite.
-snack before bed (usually a peanutbutter wrap)
-high protien and high carb meals. So he usually gets extra starch (like an extra peice of garlic bread)
-he gets a protien bar between 12-1 at school.

In my opinion as a mom who’s 3 boys were all diagnosed add/adhd early in their lives. I wouldn’t medicate. If I knew then what I know now I never would have medicated mine. Sure that would have meant I needed to be more involved but it would have made a world of difference. Learn to notice your child’s subtle clues and stimulate them accordingly. Im pretty sure my grandson will be considered add/adhd. I watch his cues and use those higher times to bring out teaching activities. Its really important to engage them in positive activities when they are getting into mischief. Pediasure would help getting the nutrients. Also try yogurts with live cultures.


Stop the medicine. I know it’s hard to do deal with. But the medicine they give them. Does that to them. And that’s a big side affect

My answer to this question is super easy. I have two kids with ADHD. Give them the foods that they love and only the foods that they love! Let them eat brownies with or as their breakfast (or whatever they love especially if it is something that puts weight on them) before their meds kick in because they likely won’t really want much lunch. Let lunch slide by if they aren’t hungry but let them eat snacks that put on weight if they are feeling up to it. Then feed them a supper that they love after the meds wear off. Let them have whole chocolate milk before bed or whatever it is that they love.
I see a lot of people on here talking about stopping the medication but those adults are only thinking of it from the adult side. ADHD medication isn’t about controlling behavior for parents or teachers, it’s about controlling their brains and bodies so that they can feel and think how the rest of us do during the day. Medication is not relief for the adults who deal with them… Medication is for the relief of the child.
If they only eat 12 things let them eat those 12 things. When kids are young people are overly addicted to the idea that kids need to eat a huge variety of foods and if they don’t that you are failing in some way. Kids with ADHD tend to only eat particular items and they eat when they want. Summary: Heavy breakfast, heavy supper… Feed them only what they love and have them take a multivitamin. Keep them on their meds.