My son has been biting kids at daycare: Advice?

I have an 18 month old son who is biting at Daycare and getting written up for it, but he bites other children’s fingers. Once tried lifting up their shirt to try to bite them. What can I do to get him to stop biting?


As a Mum of a former biter I feel for you!
My eldest ( now 14 ) was a terrible biter if he got frustrated or angry he would bite the nearest person and draw blood on many an occasion
It was horrible I found once he was able to communicate better it stopped - other than this it was a case of supervision and distraction I’m afraid x

My 7 year old did that when he was a toddler. It took about a year before he finally just stopped. We tried everything we could think of to get him to stop and nothing worked. I think it was just a phase for him, but it was horrible because the other parents at the babysitter’s house looked at us like we were terrible parents because of it even though we were trying our hardest to get him to stop.

When I worked at a day care I had a boy that bit alot they bought him a necklace that he could bite when he got mad

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Get a teether necklace for daycare and have the teachers train him to bite his necklace when they notice triggers. I am a preschool teacher and that is what we use


Every time he bites scream really dramatically/suddenly and LOUD, almost like a factory reset, he will be like omg wtf are you doing and should soon cut it out


As a formal childhood biter the only thing that made me stop biting with my mother to bite me back. Never again would I bite another person after that. My mother did everything I remember getting punished I remember getting my butt whooped yelled at but the only thing that made me comprehend and understand how bad it hurts was to have it done to me. Unfortunately I was a stubborn child and needed tough love.


The only thing that stopped mine is time out or a flick in the cheek lightly. First time no second time flick and 3rd time time out.

Now she does something and you offer time out and she goes no and shapes up.

But when she’s teething god help us all she’s the worst I’m hoping her 2 year molars finally came in cuz it was bad I looked like an someone with an addiction cuz all the bite marks it was bad.

Honestly having a chew toy strapped to them was the only thing that helped me until he was a better communicator… the fact that they’re writing up a baby for biting seems a little ridiculous to me though.

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Mine was send to therapy and that help with his behavior. He was 2 at the time.

Bite him back. Its the only thing that stopped me when I was a toddler. Its the only thing that stopped 2 of mine from from doing it. Everytime he bites, you bite him just as hard. Sounds mean, but swear it works and from my experience it works quick!


Bite him back ,let him know that it isn’t nice and it hurts


I had a girl that I babysat that was really into biting. She had my son biting (they are 5 months apart) I would put her in time out. It got to the point that they would get mad and bite the crap out of each other and I would have to seperate them and put in time out. They both eventually stopped.

Try to explain to him that biting is fun and we can bite! But we WILL NOT bite other people. Redirect him to something he can bite, you should bite it as well and make it look fun, and when he does bite someone tell him very firmly that “we do not bite people”. Practice this at home and let the daycare know what he can bite (provide a small stuffed animal or a teething toy). Kids are impulsive and physically punishing them for biting will probably make it worse since the need for biting is not being satisfied. Repetition is KEY.

I bit when i was younger… my parents bit me back never did it again​:rofl::man_shrugging:


Danielle Caffrey does this remind you of anyone :joy::joy::joy::joy:

My son did for about 5 or 6 months. He had to be constantly redirected, but he was slow enough, someone could catch him before he got another kid

At 17 months old u would think that his daycare would be a little more understanding considering his age , it could just be his way of communicating his frustration although not a good way but kids are all different some bite some scream and some even throw things ,but at this age I think the daycare need to be a bit more understanding and maybe try and help with the situation rather than writing him up I could understand them doing this if he was older and able to understand what he was really doing, maybe try discussing with them and trying to come to a solution as what to do when he does it x


Bite him back good…so he knows what it feels like…it has helped a few kids I’ve known over the years…(their parent bit them…not me)


My second started biting at daycare when she was around 2yrs old - she never bite before that or at home. She was ‘wrote up’ several times.
Finally someone was watching before she bit and toys were being taken away from her. She was biting bc other kids weren’t sharing.
Yes I know at 2 yrs that’s a difficult to do but THERE was a reason behind it. Once we figured it out it stopped.

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