My son has been pushing me away for his father: Advice?

I am having the hardest time with my emotions lately when it comes to my son. He has been wanting only his dad lately and telling me to go away or that he doesn’t like me and loves daddy. It absolutely BREAKS my heart. My husband works a lot, and so I know my son just misses him, but when he says these things, it makes me so sad. I do so much for him and would do anything for him. He has always treated both of us the same and never preferred one over the other. So my question is, does anyone else’s son do this? Is it just a phase?


:joy::joy::joy::joy: there’s no mf way you’re serious. You’re jealous because your kid loves their dad? Ignorant. Just ignorant.


Omg all kids do this my husband was upset cause our daughter only wanted me till she started only wanting him and he was exhausted chill girl they all do it and the more u act like it hurts u the more he will do it

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My husband is my 2 youngest best friend! They still rather have mama. But daddy is playtime. (Lol) I won’t get upset. He probably just misses your husband, since he works all the time. Give him some daddy and son time.

Most kids do.
My daughter does.
I suggest you get used to it and realize he has no idea what he’s saying.
Being a parent is a thankless job. You shouldn’t be expecting him to cling to you just because you take care of him.


I promise your son still loves you. You are mama and will always be super important to him. Chances are at some point he will switch back. Let daddy enjoy this time.
I have 3 kids and dad works a ton. All 3 of them go through spurts where they would rather hang out with daddy when he is home and that is ok. I have them all the time and sometimes they just need a break from mama lol


Relax and enjoy your time. He’ll be back on you sooner than later.

How old is this child

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It’s a phase. Don’t take it personally

Don’t take it personally. Small children don’t mean to be cruel they are just brutally honest. Right now he wants dad. It will pass. Don’t take it to heart, because he doesn’t mean it how it sounds.

Dont take it heart momma its a phase kiddos go through. Wait til they tell you they hate you, now that one hurts… the first time :blush:

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Yeah they go through phases like that. One time in the info pages my sons pediatrician would give us when he was younger it said that kids are fickle and don’t take it personally.

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Fuck everyone that bashed a human for expressing feelings. This was a comment attack on this woman. Shame.

It’s very hard not to take mean words our kids say personally, especially when we run ourselves into the ground so willingly for their health and happiness. But I promise you this is just a phase. He loves his Mumma and just misses his daddy. And of course mum takes the brunt of it. You’ve got this! :yellow_heart:

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My 10 year old daughter is doing this to me and her father is in prison has been since 2016 And will be till 2025 she tells me shes gonna go live with him and she loves him more and it breaks my heart to and makes me so upset because i do everything and work my ass off 10 plus hours a day for my kids so i totally feel ur pain

My 8 yr old son has been like this since he was a toddler. His dad was always out of town for work so any time he got with his dad was his favorite, and that’s how I reminded myself I get him 24/7 and dad only gets to see him when he’s home. Plus it gave me a break when he wanted to be attached to his dads side.

Are we talking about a 2 yr.old or 10 yr. old ?

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My kids always want or prefer the parent they don’t see as often

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Same boat in my house. Except my son ignores and fights with my husband. I just keep encouraging my husband to keep saying he loves him, offer to play with him, read to him etc. I usually let my husband be “the good guy” like saying yes to tv time, offering a cool dessert, getting him a new toy just from daddy etc. Maybe try that with your son to see if it helps at all with you. It has been well over a year we have dealt with this…good luck! Keep it positive!

my 4 yr old does this to her daddy…she only favors me…but i too work a lot…its just a phase hes going through…