My son has been pushing me away for his father: Advice?

I promise every child has their phases. He does not mean it and he still loves you. Give it some time and he will do the same to daddy

Awe that sucks. My youngest son was the opposite. He was not wanted me for everything. Didn’t want anything to do with anyone else. He grew out of it. He now comes to me for certain things, to dad for certain things and to Nana for certain things now.
Sometimes they just go through stages when they are figuring out social development

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My daughter hasn’t cared much for her father since she was like 10 months old. He used to be the only one who could get her to sleep as a baby. Then she just decided she didn’t like him, and that was that. Now she’s 11 and I’m lucky she still likes me. My son loves me as long as daddy isn’t around. As soon as he walks in this house, I’m as good as gone. Invisible, really, until I’m holding dinner, then I’m back in the winners circle. Kids are brutal. You just have to let it go and love them anyway.

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It’s a phase specially for toddlers. Even older children tend to go to one parent for affection and another for support in other ways. It’s totally normal don’t take it to heart. I’m sure he misses his dad and he’s used to you always being around he knows you’ll always be there for him

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Shit, take a bath and enjoy it​:rofl:…I also have 3 children and they, in different ways drive me crazy so… A break with dad is a good thing :blush::two_hearts:

My sons do the same thing!!My hubs is gone for 3 weeks at a time so when he is home they are stuck to him like glue!

It’s normal. My 4 yr old had days he just wants daddy and then he has days he just wants me.

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My daughter does this she is my youngest of 5 so it dont bother me to much like it did with my older ones I am with the kids more then my husband so I am the harder one on them dady is just home enough to be love fun and games and not as much discipline it will get better momma and don’t let it tear you down to much your baby does mot mean to hurt you he still loves you very much

Yes, I promise you it is just a phase

My boys are still mommas boys at 17 and 14 they go through i like mom no mabey dad lol

My 2 year old son goes through phases where he’s all about me and other times all about my girlfriend and if we’re both working(SAHM right now) then he’s all about his grandma at first it would really hurt my feelings but now like other moms have said I enjoy those phases he’s not all about me so I can get some “me” time.

Its hard not to take personally, but he could be gender identifying with his parent and it will pass. Sending lots of love and big hugs.

Do you have a preferred parent?
I do at 32 years old. I’ve always preferred my mom for most things.
I love them both equally. And my dad is definitely amazing for alot of things. Just the mommy daughter bond is strong over here.
My daughter is a year old. So I dont know what its like to feel how you do. I won’t pretend too. That must suck.
But if dad works alot it would be pretty normal that he wants just dad. And no mom when he gets the opportunity too.
I’d just step back and let him have it.
And remember all the moments you have been/will be the preferred parent. Its dad turn girl. Itll come back to you.

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It’s a phase my son was all about dad forever and has recently been all about me.

it’s just a phase my boys did this

It will pass! When he says I don’t like you just say but I love you! When he says he loves daddy just say I know you love daddy and I love you and daddy!

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:joy: aww ffs grow up shes a kid grow a backbone and deal with it rather than crying like a little bitch saying ooo my kid says she hates me aww boohoo get over it

Kids always miss/prefer the parent that’s not always there as much as the other most of the time its because they get away with more when there around please don’t take it to heart your son will love you xx

It’s normal. I love when my daughter wants her dad over me. I get a breather and they get bonding time.

Is the father s*it talking you behind your back? Do you have a good relationship with the father? Idk seems odd, I’ve never really heard of that unless it’s a teenager phase?

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