My son has been pushing me away for his father: Advice?

I loved it lol she would always say “no, daddy do!” :joy: I would say “you heard her, daddy do!”


They say kiddos act out the most with whoever they feel the safest with, know that’s you momma. He trusts you and knows you as his safe place. He isn’t sure how to place his emotions right now, all he knows is his chest hurts when he doesn’t get to see his dad. Kids have such a hard time fluctuating emotions at this age. Until age 12 you don’t see a calming effect with emotions. Kids brains don’t fully develop until the age of 28, so know you still have so many years to help him with those feelings. People say things they don’t mean out of anger sometimes, just sit him down and talk to him one on one. He could be having some male withdrawal issues. My son has these issues, his dad personally avoids him. He now will cry and act out until he’s around a male. I’ve now resorted to taking him over to his grandpas a few times a week so he gets some male one on one time. Xoxo momma

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Knowing the age would help. My son (17months) some days wants only daddy, other days he only wants mommy and some days he wants both of us. It doesn’t hurt my feelings when he wants his dad, as a SAHM I sometimes welcome it because it gives me a little bit of a break from being a jungle gym and stuff. And if you are a SAHM and your SO works he sees you all the time while daddy comes and goes so it’s kinda like a new “toy” to play with when he’s home. So I’d say it’s normal behavior. All you can do is ask him why if he’s old enough to tell you. Good luck and remember he doesn’t know what he’s saying exactly and he does love you.

It’s normal. My son for the longest time only wanted daddy, daddy this, daddy that. It’s a phase. After a while it was only me he wanted

My 3 year old would only let daddy put her to bed for like MONTHS and it really hurt, but eventually she got over it and now will let me put her to bed. Def sounds like just a phase

People always want what they don’t have…children are no exception. Think of it this way. Your son knows for a fact that you will be there no matter what so he takes that for granted…it is normal. He feels comfortable enough to push you away because he knows that you will never go. It is separation anxiety over the parent he doesn’t see as much. You are his home mama. Remember that and keep your head up.

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Have a little chit chat with him find out where it’s coming from.

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Its normal but it will change a few times until they are older

How old is son??? This sounds like toddler aged and it’s normal

So our 3rd kid (first boy) did this.he was always a little more of a mommies boy, but treated us pretty equal. I gave birth to his younger brother when he was a year and 7 months. After that he switched to favore his dad alot! My husband works out of town, so he is gone a lot too. My son was so loving and sweet when he was gone, but the second dad came home he wanted him 24/7. He would say me no love you, I love daddy, he wanted dad when he was hurt or just to cuddle, and rarely came to me if he was there. It hurt my feelings so bad! It lasted around a year, now I’m his favorite again😂 just stay consistent with how you act, and show him the same love and effort. He will come around


Calm down mama… if he wasn’t secure in his relationship with u he definitely would not say or do this! Luckily for u it will only be a phase as long as u don’t over react! I raised 3 sons and every single one went thru this phase but not necessarily at the same age. As hard as it will seem to do, continue to treat and love him the same way u always have and before u know it he will be on to his next “phase”.


Normal part of growth. Children will often favor one parent over the other. He may even switch again. Don’t take it personally.


It’s a phase. He loves
You and if you went away and weren’t around as much he would probably do the same to you. Just got to be patient. Will eventually go back to normal
Or even will prefer you for awhile. He doesn’t mean to hurt your feelings, kids are honest and don’t know how that can sometimes affect an adult. If he is old enough to understand feelings maybe tell him in a way he can understand “I know you love your daddy but it hurts mommy’s feelings when you tell me to go away” if he doesn’t know what that means then maybe explain in a way he can understand like “when daddy leaves how do you feel? Hopefully he answers sad and maybe he will get it.


You need to try to do things together the 3 of you. With Dad showing you both affection and respect. Our children learn by watching us. If you two treat each other lovingly and wit respect it will become easier for your son.

Depends on the age and how he is when dad isn’t around


Mine did…let him go. Always let him know you love him and you’re always there, he’ll come back.


How old is he?

Our daughter is 9. She would go through phases where she wanted nothing to do with me. Then wanted nothing to do with her dad. Simply a phase. He sees you more, and is wanting time with his dad. I wouldn’t take offense to it.

It is just a phase…when he says he hates you…say love you too, when he says to go away tell him you will always be there and walk away from him. You say dad works a lot…my husband at the time was a OTR driver and gone for several weeks home for 48 hours then gone again…he misses his dad.
When my husband was home…I left the kids with him and had lunch with friends…no kids. Dint let his actions run your life…but always let him know you love him.

Depending on age, it might be that he just doesn’t have the words to express that he wants to spend more time with Dad because he misses him. So he’s using he words and gestures he knows to get his point across.

My son has done this to me for many many years,and like you say ive done so much for him which broke my heart and ended up in the hospital,did he care no,and still doesnt. So now ive accepted it and stay away. Im truely sorry for you God Bless