My son has broke his arm 3 times in a year: Thoughts?

I have a 6-year-old, and this is the 3rd time within a year he fell and broke his arm. The first was his elbow, and the second was his other forearm, and he fell again, and the same area broke. Last time he saw his pediatrician, they said he is healthy. But now we are concerned. I must add he’s VERY active and hyper. Has anyone gone through this with their child?


Has the vitamin D level been checked? Dexa scan (bone density test) done?


Get a bone density test done. That will help see if there is an underline issue.


Well one of mine had stitches twice before he was 2 I have 4 boys so I knew the quickest ERs and the Ortho doctor would ask about the other boys were

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There may be something wrong, go to a specialist and try to figure it out.

My son had two broken arms in kindergarten- one in December, one in May. When the second one happened, I questioned his doctor about poor bone density or something. The orthopedist said these sorts of injuries are very common in kids this age.

To add- my daughter broke her ankle in kindergarten :woman_shrugging:

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My son broke his arm in three places just from hitting the floor after playing leap frog over my best friends son.

The only bone my son ever broke was on the old school monkey bars at a park. I never broke a bone as a child, neither did my brother. This quite frankly, sounds like abuse.


Did he take prevacid or similar medicine because of spitting up as a baby? Many children get porous bones and easily break if taken during first year

Did he just fall from walking? Is he growing a lot right now? Sometimes bones are more fragile when they are growing a lot. That said, falling off a bed is different than falling when walking. I would ask your pediatrician.

I had the same problem when I was young and it was just poor bone density. I would check with the doctor about it

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My 9 year old has only broken one bone (his wrist) 2 years ago but has had to have stitches and glue too many times to count! My 4 year old falls and runs into stuff ALL the time! Nothing broken but tons of bruises, scrapes, and bumps. Having my 3rd and final boy tomorrow, and I don’t think my heart can take it lol #BoyMom4Life

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Where’s the admins at? Some of these comments are ridiculous

My very active, rough, but also clumsy, daughter broke 2 bones in the same year. She is 11 and has broken 3 total. My 4 other kids have never broken any. She does seem more prone to it than others but her primary and ortho said her bones are fine🤷🏼‍♀️

Is he getting enough calcium and vitamin D?

Id ask to see rheumatologist to be sure. He might just be unlucky my sons a daredevil

Have him test for brittle bones .

My daughter went through a huge growth spurt and the same thing; 3x that year she broke her arm. Went to specialist and he said she does not look like someone with brittle bones. It was a waste of time for us. Do what u feel is best to be safe.

Probably just an active boy. That’s normal to me, I have 4 boys and it’s crazy here

Ask your pediatrician to check for osteogenesis imperfecta. Ok it looks intimating. But what it actually is a hereditary bone disease. All it is … is that the bones may be a little more brittle. ( I have it, my mom had it) it is actually more common then alot of people know. I have had MANY broken bones. The mother or father may not have it but could be “carriers”. If it is found theres nothing that can be done yet. But if it’s on the childs Medical records it shows theres no abuse and that helps get the parents better help.

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