My son has lead in his blood: Advice?

My son just turned 2. So during my son’s last checkup, he had a few blood tests done just for a workup. The results came back, and he’s been exposed to lead. His levels arent is outrageously high but over the normal range for a child. Has anyone else had this happen?! What was the cause? Were you and your family, household items tested? I’m trying not to be anxious about this, but as for Momma, it’s hard to sit and wait until his next appointment to see if levels are increasing or decreasing. TIA!


Try to find the source. Have your house tested for lead. Old toys, older house paint and pipes can be contributors

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Some paints had lead in them check your house railings lamp poles etc around your home

Find the source! Test your water. Has he inherited any furniture or toys from bygone era? Does he have anything from China?

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Health dept will test for free.

Chinese ceramic dishes sometimes have lead in the glaze. They don’t have to be old dishes. It could be something you bought at the dollar store or target.

Test your water, old toys and any old paint on the walls.

Definitely get the water tested, when I was pregnant with my second child, my tap water was making me super sick, turns out lead levels were really high. That was 4 years ago and haven’t touched my water since.

We had a lead test come back high. We had just spent 3 weeks at my mother’s house that was built in 1852 and that was the cause. We retested 6 months later and he was fine. If your home was built before 1978 then have your house and water tested. If that is not the cause, test your toys. Some toys made in other countries can still use lead paint.

Toys from China contain high amounts of lead in the paint since it’s not illegal for use over there

Stephanie Spreeman maybe you can give her some advice

My son was 1 1/2 when he got lead poisoning so far he was the highest in the whole USA he was at 89% lead my house was built in 1947 and he wasn’t digesting it he was breathing it all in nothing in his small large intestines or stomach lining the whole house was lead I went threw 3 remolds in my house to now we’re it is 100% clean my son is now five he has some permanent damage he is now five and still is at 9% lead

Do you give him tap water? Most the time it from tap water.

Do you let him play with your keys?

My niece had mildly elevated lead levels. Her and her husband did a small wall project where he took about 6 ft of wall put to extend a closet and that’s why it came back abnormal

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Not sure where it was coming from but when my son was 2 his lead levels are were high, dr said no more tap water and to start giving a multivitamin and the next time I took him they were normal

My niece had high levels due to her father going to the gun range A LOT, I’m talking every day. She was not allowed to eat specific foods and he had to change clothes and deep clean his car and do it very thoroughly.

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Is he by your window sills or paint at all ? When my brother was younger he has high lead levels at 2 and we had to repaint the whole house with lead free paint

Its been along time now but when my daughter was young she tested for having high lead in her blood but she was not around anything to get that. After drs further testing it was found she was extremley anemic which in tests looked the same as high lead. No high lead, anemic which was treated.just something you could look into.

I lived in Panama for a year when I was a baby. Had lead poisoning from tap water. As an adult I still have elevated levels… just monitor what they are taking in and avoid things high in iron for a while