My son has ODD and Autism and refuses to wear a mask: Advice?

My son is 11 and has autism and ODD, another diagnoses, and REFUSES to wear a mask, and I need to take him to the doctors.


Don’t worry about it. The doctor shouldn’t have any issues with him not wearing a mask.

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We should teach the public a bit better about social distancing.
Now that covid is wearing out people are giving less of a shit.
Don’t realize that kids have a learning curve to go threw still.
Given most places children weren’t aloud .
I hate shopping as it is, but nobody respects the rules as it is. Like 6 ft for grown ups. But should be more if your passing a kid.
Kids are important.
The next of people to operate the earth. Like quit being ignorant assholes.

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You just have to try if not social distance

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Call his doctor’s office ahead and explain the situation and ask if they can arrange it so when you arrive they can bring you right back to the doctors room.


Its not the law !!!

Create his own mask? I realize it’s NO with ODD but perhaps he will be intrigued by the creativity!

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Ours has “autism” too! sees us putting on ours n puts on his!(wish I had answer!

I have the same kind of child but he also has migraines and asthma and the mask is really creating havoc. We don’t wear one none of us in the family wears one.and believe it or not nobody can purposely make you wear it


Try a bandanna and play “cops and robbers” with him. May help?

Get one with a character he likes. Help with my little ones

You wear a mask on your face front of him couple of times may be he will follow you. May be that will help

With ODD and Autism, his doctor should already be aware of his difficulties. Like another commenter said call ahead of time and arrange for yall to be taken straight to a room. People on the spectrum have sensory issues. Please don’t try to trick him or force him to wear one. The meltdown that would incur would be your fault not his.

Super Hero costume perhaps

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medical conditions exempt u from wearing masks

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Maybe get one made that is his favorite show or game ?? And play with it during the day and maybe make
A game out of it if he lets you!


He technically does not have to wear one! Medical conditions such as those, they will not make him wear on w

If it’s something your worried about for your childs health, call the doctor ahead of time and ask for a private room you can wait in.

The drs should understand. Everyone else should ha e a mask on

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Look on the internet for one he likes. I’ve seen some pretty cute ones. Make sure he’s involved in the selection so when it arrives he’ll want to wear it.