My son has PTSD and I don't know what to do: Advice?

My son is an absolute jerk to his family and his wife. He is emotionless since he got back from the war in Iraq. He got back in 2011 and I know he has ptsd issues. He mentioned that his nightmares are gone (thank the Lord) but he is just a lump on a log so to say. He drowned himself in gaming and works because he has to but everything falls on his wife or us (parents) how do I wake him up? I know he has had alot to work through but he is pushing everyone away. What do I do?


Intervention all his love ones and explain profess your love and worry and ask him to get the help he needs to be a man for himself and able to love his family again

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Therapy and medication
I know he will be resistant. But, it will make him feel so much better.

Talk to him to get involved with the VA therapist.

He needs a professional. Please know that you can’t do this.


1.Pray 2.Get him into counseling and you might want to talk with a counselor also 3.Keep praying

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He needs some counseling center to deal with his issues and unfortunately he has to be the one to reach out and get it you can’t force him. Have any of you tried talking to him about what’s going on? Sounds like if he doesn’t get help soon his marriage may be at risk and war does change a person. Good luck and prayers

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You need to take him to VA and get his professional help ASAP. Thats a huge red flag right there. He may say his nightmares are gone but he could be just saying that to make you guys get off his back and stop nagging. His wife needs to step in and get him to VA or talk to his superior about this. Right now its the most important thjng because you don’t know what’s going through his mind. He might fight you on it and say he doesnt need help but right now he needs his whole family the most. Its frustrating i understand but you gotta find a different approach to reach him. His mind is wired and probably still in Iraq even after all the years. Dont give up on him


He needs professional help!!!


You seem more worried about yourself than him, get help for you both

My nephew did three tours and wasnt here when his daughter was born. He wasnt in a good place when he came home so he sought help then started doing projects to help vets. He started “freedom wood flags” for families and peole who fight for our and their freedom from the terrible things that they went through and witnessed. Maybe get him interested in so.ething that would help him work through his feelings

Get help with counselor. Maybe someone who has been through this can talk to him and let him know that getting help Will really help

Sadly you can’t force him to get help he needs to want it or it won’t help

He needs therapy hun

My son had therapy at VA and no more nightmares or drinking and he works…but still withdrawn. Marines are always Furstenberg line of defense and he was in the desert for 8 years…it will be a long way back to some sort of normal

Is he VA Service Connected? If not, talk to him about those resources available. Counseling, Primary Care, you name it…

My mother is a Veteran with moderate/semi severe PTSD. The VA has mostly been a lifesaver for her, and those of us who love her.

You can’t help him unless he wants help. The military has great resources for this type of thing. But you can’t make him go to therapy or any of the other resources they have. I would still go down to the local Veterans Admin and talk to someone. They may have volunteer programs he can do where he will be around other guys in his situation, someone to talk to. But I would start there.


Ptsd is fucking hard to deal with, let alone from a war! My advice is be gentle but stern, encourage him to c someone or a support group,they say u hurt the ones u love because they are ur safe place! Sending u all the strength to get through this♥️


He needs counseling, probably individually and family counseling.


My hubby has ptsd. He needs to go see a counselor. It’s hard for family to deal with. You need to be firm with him

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