My son is getting tubes in his ears: What can I expect?

My two year old and one year old are getting tubes in their ears next week; what can I expect? What should I bring with us? I’m so nervous.


It’s a quick process. What took the longest for us is the waking up but really that wasn’t to long. The tubes themselves took about 15 mins.


My daughter got tubes when we did her tonsils and adenoids. She did say her ears hurt a little but ibuprofen and Tylenol helped. Noises are more sensitive at first so try to talk calmly. I had my daughter in her pjs and brought her favorite snuggly. It’s a really quick procedure. :slightly_smiling_face:

My son got tubes at 18 mo back in Jan. It was super quick and easy. They give them pain meds after and they’ll tell you what to give them. Bring a snack and a bottle/cup for after since they won’t be able to eat or drink before hand. The hospital will usually give them both but make sure you have something too just in case. And toys/activities to distract them after waking up. Sometimes it can take a while for the Dr to release you so having them distracted is a must.

Mine got his at 9 months. Absolutely nothing. He was normal soon as anesthesia wore off and resumed normal routine.

he will scream, and cry, and kick and fling about( my daughter did this…its totally normal!!) you will want to be there with him in recovery to comfort him. but it is a quick 15 min surgery…he will want to sleep most of the day…LET HIM!!! don’t force him to eat afterwards…he will eat when he is ready…other then that, tylenol works wonders…and they will prescribe ear drops.

Kelly Ann Kennedy-Hawley

I had two children with tubes in their ears and it’s a simple procedure,They didn’t feel it in their ears so don’t be nervous.

My son had tubes in his ears starting at 10 months old and it is pretty quick, the hardest part is when they wake up in recovery… it will take him a min to realize it is you… but once it clicks as they say… they will calm down…

Mine has had 3 sets of tubes so far. It is a quick in and out. Never had any issues. They don’t put them totally under so you don’t have to worry about that. She is almost 13 now and still battling the ear issue. Now she has a hole in her eardrum that has to be fixed. They are not sure if it is from a rupture or never healing when tube came out.

Look for things that can cause this - for mine plug in air fresheners, spray air freshener, scentex anything,

Sorry for the ignorance here but what are tubes for? I’ve never heard of this procedure. Hope you’re little one will be okay.

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Just keep the noise level down around them as much as possible. My middle daughter had to have tubes twice. The noise is what bothered her the most

They may fall out… happens often

Nothing much with you. Maybe a toy? It took literally 10 mins maybe an hour total we was at the hospital. My child was 3 when he had it done and after we got home he slept for a while and woke up completely fine. Acted like nothing ever happened

Everything will be fine my daughter had tubes in her ears and it was all just fine. Maybe bring things to distract them while waiting but that’s really all u need

The waiting is more scary as a parent than the procedure.

Mine were angry when they were coming out from under anesthesia. It passed fairly quickly

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Honestly when my son go them the roughest part was coming out of anesthesia, after that he acted like nothing happened.

I had tubes as a young kid and it didnt hurt and didnt take long. I was scared going in because, well as a kid that’s scary! The worst part was when it came out later down the road. It’s funny now, I freaked out because this little blue thing fell out of my ear and I started screaming for my mom saying “My tonsil fell out!” :rofl: I was only like 5, makes for a great story for her to tell people though :rofl: