My son is getting tubes in his ears: What can I expect?

My two year old and one year old are getting tubes in their ears next week; what can I expect? What should I bring with us? I’m so nervous.


My son was 26 months when he got tubes in both ears. We learned to talk very softly and make no loud unexpected sounds around him. After not being able to hear, any sound was very loud to him. He would run and hide behind the chair with his hands over his ears when I had to vacuum. I mean it was hard on all of us until he adjusted. Not all children are the same though so your child may not have these issues, just telling you what we went through with my son.


My oldest who had chronic ear infections all her 14 years of life had multiple sets of tubes in her ears. She got to the point she’d let the dr put them without any anesthesia. It literally takes longer to put them to sleep than it does to put the tubes in. The anesthesia was worse than the procedure itself.

Peace!! You can expect peace mama!! Everything was a little louder at first. But the hardest part was coming off the anesthesia! About 4 days later was the first time 19m slept through the night!! It’s a super quick procedure. If I remember correctly sucking his binki was a bit tender at first.

My youngest got his in this past June. He did great. He was sleepy for the rest of the day. He didn’t want to eat for awhile after but was thirsty. He ended up drinking too fast and threw up but he was fine. Just take something to occupy your time while they’re back there. You’ll get to go home not long after they’re done. Have fun holding them down for ear drops though lol

My pediatrician kept trying to push them on us and I said no and let my daughter grow out of ear infections bc they weren’t super bad and mostly seasonal. Good luck on your journey with your little ones!! So hard seeing our babies in pain and sick!!

My 2.5 yr old just had his done just after his bday. He was in mild pain and super sleepy for the day of surgery and was back to normal within 7 days. It’s a simple procedure, I’ve had it done 3 times myself.

I had them as a child. Only issue we dealt with was I had to wear custom made ear plugs anytime I was even gonna be near water. No biggie and the tubes saved my hearing and stopped a lot of earaches I was constantly dealing with.


I had ear tubes twice and don’t remember much about it except I had to have earplugs when swimming (and they also recommended a swim cap, which I had to wear anyways at camp).

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Mine wanted to go to daycare after we got home! Absolutely like she had nothing done!

My son had them at 2.5. We sat in waiting for less than 10 minutes then we’re brought back to wait for him to wake up. Worst part was his confusion waking up. The nurses let him have a red popsicle that the tonsil kids couldn’t have. Lol. Someone mentioned an IV but my son didn’t have one. Afterwards my son spoke softly for maybe a day then he was 100% back to normal. We just had to put the drops in.

Your car radio needs to be turned down will bother their hearing. My youngest had 10 surgeries 8 sets of tube, and eardrum reconstructed when she was in her teens.

My 1.5 y.o. Had tubes placed 20+ years ago. It was a breeze except the pre-op because she didn’t know what was going on. After the surgery we only had to worry about not getting water in her ears. We used Silly Putty for earplugs. I put some in her doll’s ears, too! They probably have something better these days

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My kiddo got tubes when he was 7. It was about an hour from the time they took him back to the time he woke up and I was aloud to go back to be with him. He woke up and everything was very loud to him. He was his normal self be the time we got back home and went to school the next day. He is now 11 and his tubes fell out about a year ago. Which is normal.

Super easy procedure. Coming off of anesthesia is terrible but will be up and running after you get him home. I swear by it best thing we ever did.


Best thing my son ever had done. He will be super tired. We thought he my son wasn’t listening by choice for the longest time. Turned out he had tubes the size of an infant.

Watch the noise level my daughter had a really hard time with loud noises for a few months it was a quick and easy surgery :heart:

They should give you ear plugs. So no water gets in their ears

Only thing about tubes is you’ll need ear plugs for when around any water that can get in the ear. My little guy calls them his birds. He did pretty good when he got them one. Wear pajamas but no footie type because of the iv they will get.

It only takes a few seconds to put them in, when my son was 18 months that has bring him in his pajamas took 5 minutes