My son is sick, how can I help his nose?

My son is six months old. Friday, we took him to the doctor, and they said he has an ear infection and a sinus infection. He has been coughing his poor little head off from the drainage, and his poor little eyes do nothing but water. They gave him Amoxicillin and told me to keep his nose suctioned out good and to keep giving him breathing treatments, so all the drainage and mucus stay broken up. I’ve had to suction his nose every 10-15 minutes all weekend long. Now his poor nose is so irritated and sore. Every time I suction him out, I get a lot of blood not just from his sinuses but where I’ve had to do it so much. Does anyone know of any home remedies to do to help his little nose or to help him heal faster?


Sit in a bathroom with a hot hot hot shower running. Dont get in, just let the steam run its course. But also at this point, not much more can be done. It just sucks when littles are sick.

Put some vix on his feet and keep socks on his feet so he doesn’t try to chew his feet. Helped my son. He had the same problem

I’d call the Dr if his nose is bleeding when you suction. Don’t sound good.


Steam in the bathroom.

Suctioning his nose that much is not good. He’s probably got some busted blood vessels in there. Give his nose a break

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A humidifier at night definitely helps!

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Try a nose frida and saline spray


Humidifier and I used to give my baby a small amount of allergy meds

Saline spray will help his stuffy nose…invest in a humidifier… Coconut oil on a q tip, coat his nostrils so they’re not so dry…baby oil gel works too. Warm baths of corse…Goodluck :black_heart: hope baby feels better soon!

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A vaporizer but use eucalyptus oil and not the crap they give you or recommend. It works fabulously with my kids from bambino’s right up to early 20’s and my 13 year old gets bad seasonal asthma and helps her immensely too plus rub baby balsalm (bambino vicks) on bottom of feet and put socks on and repeat every 4 to 6 hours :blush:

A humidifier Vick’s vapor frozen in some ice than put it in a steamy shower and some on the bottom of his feet or a sliced onion in his socks it’ll detox also cold and allergy bath salts

Saline spray is a life saver

Yes!!! Nose Frida and nasal spray. So much happier!!

NOSE FRIDA!!! It seems gross but omg this saved us! We used ocean water or simple saline. A steamy shower!

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We use simply saline spray , u can boil a pot of water on srove to add moisture to thr air and put humidifier in room whole sleeping.

Buy coconut oil from Wal-Mart or grocery store, it’s approx 3$. Use it to line the raw area around and inside nostrils. This will help heal naturally, and fast. Steam the bathroom and do story time in there. Use a cool mist humidifier ( especially in bedroom).

Id back off on suctioning. Sit in bathroom with hot hot water running. And just wipe his nose alot. Vicks rub will help him breathe also

I used to give my kids a vapor bath. J&J. Has a vapor bath for babies and I just let them play around until they sneezed a couple times , it made it all come out in the sneezes and then they slept good

Vicks in a humidifier

Oh my God!! You only suction his nose once or twice a day!! Or else his nose will start to bleed didn’t the doctor tell you??