My son is starting to hate Kindergarten: Advice?

Hello mamas, I really need your advice and opinions, especially if your kid was in the same situation as mine. So my son is now three years old, he started kindergarten in August. He literally goes like two days, and he gets sick and stays home the rest of the week, which everyone his doctors told me its normal. The thing is until now he’s still crying there, mostly whining and nagging “mama will come, mama will pick me up”… now the crying is less, but he just won’t play or interact there with kids. He’s spending 6 hours just walking or looking at others and like waiting until I come. He’s my only child, and we don’t have a big family with kids here. My family is in another country, and we often fly there, but mostly, it’s just his dad, me, and him. Since he was born, I took him literally two times outside to parks and everywhere to play. But he’s extremely attached to me to the point where he just follows me THE WHOLE TIME at home, won’t play anything alone at all, won’t go to his room and play alone, and our apartment is like 70m2 !! He’s really smart, he already knows alphabets and numbers in 3 languages, we play lots of games… in the beginning, he was very good he started talking with kids, but they didn’t answer him or didn’t give him attention because they are young. Then he went two times to the other group ( 5 years old kid) because his teacher was not there so he was better with the other teacher and the older kids and when he went back to his group he started crying.m again. Then a new teacher came, and he was good with her, then she got sick, and he was with another one. Then she came back. All this happened in the first month, I think it made him confused and frustrated with all this change, especially that he’s the kid who hates change, he loves routine. He still likes the teacher of the older group, and when she’s next to him, he won’t cry, and he’s better with the older kids because they’re giving him attention, take care more of him. He still likes his new teacher; she’s very nice and sweet. So the problem now is that he doesn’t know how to play with the kids and he stays alone, he follows the teacher. When two groups of kids are together in one room, he starts again to cry because it’s like too much for him. He’s starting to love when they sing and dance. He learned to nap there, we’re starting potty training, and it’s going good, but he won’t play with anyone or with any toy there. He is just standing or sitting and looking. Lots of people are telling me we should talk with the doctor its possible that he has social anxiety because he’s also a picky eater, don’t like his hands dirty, love routine, follows me the whole day, terrible sleeper… and I already made an appointment to talk about it. But I’m so worried about him, and I feel like a shitty mom every time i drive him there, and I don’t know how to help him. Does anyone have any helpful advice? I’m too worried and crying myself every day


Sounds exactly like my youngest son when he started pre k last year. After the first 3 months, his teacher suggested we have him tested to see if he is on the Educational Autism Spectrum. Turns out he is on the spectrum. He has sensory issues, communication delay, and social anxiety. After he was diagnosed, the school got him an Aide who is with him all day, he works with a speech therapist, special education teacher, and a physical therapist a couple times a week. He started kindergarten this year and had a Aide from the first day and he is loving school now. Ask his teacher if he can be tested to see if he is on the spectrum.

He’s not ready for kindergarten he needs to be head start were he can go part time and have smaller class ratios.
When he does that for two yrs then u can see if he’s ready at age 5.
Also have him evaluated by a child psychologist with other 3 years olds.
Good luck

I would have him evaluated for autism spectrum disorder. A lot of what you describe is sensory related. My son is on the spectrum and once we began to isolate issues life got easier

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There are a few countries around the world that start kindergarten/school at the age of 3. From the wording of the post, I would guess this mom and child are not from the USA. They most likely live in a country that most 3yr olds do go to school.

I was the exact same, in the end my mom paid a retired lady to watch me at her home. she also occasionally had her two small grandchildren come over. She had a courtyard and dogs I was very happy. I never liked a school environment. I certainly don’t have any kind of disorders. Try to find an alternative if you can. Going to organised events for children and daily park visits with other kids is socialization enough. He needs his time. Maybe he’ll enjoy it later. Just my thoughts we’re all different.

Where I’m from children don’t start kindergarten until at least 5 years old. He’s three. Whoever is suggesting Autism needs to chill. He has separation anxiety. He’s to young to be going to school.


3 year old in kindergarten. Instead of jumping to autism think about it… Thats a huge adjustment. Let him stay home and be little for a while longer and maybe put him in headstart or prek and work his way in

Def keep him home he needs more of you… 6 isn’t a bad age to start kindergarten… you should be cuddling, napping and playing games with him at this point

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Pull him out and keep him home with you. Boys do better if they start school later.

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Sounds like he is autistic. Have his pediatrician evaluate him.

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In my opinion, keep him home. He’s not ready for school. My son started when he was almost 6 years old. Had no problem.


If it’s about socializing your son, maybe you could watch a child at your home and see how he does.

How is he in kindergarten if he’s only 3?

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Wondering where you live that he is in Kindergarten at age 3…

How do you start kindergarten at the age of 3??

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3 year olds don’t go to kindergarten.