My son is terrified to go to bed: Advice?

Guys, I really need help! My son just turned 5 in October. This last week he has been TERRIFIED to go to bed. I mean, screaming at the top of his lungs, hyperventilating, and peeing the bed. He started sleeping with a white sound machine and a night light last year. Then a humidifier. Then with lavender Then he got a dream catcher. Then he got a lamp also. Then he got a book about not being scared of the monster. edited to addThen he got a stuffy that’s weighted and lavender-scented and heats up**Then he started taekwondo so he could defend himself against the bad guys. Now he has to have every inch of his room lit up, and he is STILL crying. He’s been in bed for 3 hours, and he keeps coming downstairs saying he is scared. We haven’t changed any bedtime routines. We’ve all been home since March because my husband and I both got laid off. The ONLY thing that’s changed in the last two weeks is I had surgery last Friday. Guys, I’m at such a loss. He is so tired, so all day, he acts out. But he won’t sleep because he’s scared. I am at a total loss. Sos, please…


I’d let him sleep with you or even go in his bed til he falls asleep


I know it may not be ideal…but have you tried sleeping in his room with him?


Can you move his mattress in your room on the floor? Or maybe you into his room for a short duration, and explain you’ll be there for X days till he feels more comfortable?

What’s he scared of?


Not sure of this is allowed but I gave my daughter zarbees melatonin to help it was so bad that I would let her sleep where ever she fell asleep for months it was the couch she was waking me up 3-4x a night I couldn’t take it anymore


Is there another room he can switch to maybe?


Talk to his doctor. They may be able to refer him to a specialist like a therapist or someone in that field that can get to the root of his fear.


Zarbees has great products…
I would avoid this at all costs till it’s the last resort, but can you bring him to your room? On a cot, or floor

Let him sleep in your room.


First- go to doctor to rule out a sleep disorder
Second- consider that there’s something about his room causing a phobia. Try having him sleep in another room. Does that change his fear?
If not, dare I say without ridicule, maybe there’s something in his room that you cannot see but he does aka a ghost :woman_shrugging:


Walmart has children’s melatonin and it works wonders for my kiddo

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Let him sleep with you!


A nightlight thing that projects swirling stars on the ceiling,.something he can focus on, and don’t forget the monster spray

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He has to be prayed for especially the spirit of fear also the spirits assigned to him so they will be cast out.

Maybe his room is haunted. Let him bunk with you

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Sleep study maybe
Maybe he has night terrors!

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I’d let him sleep w you. He’s still young


Put a camera in his room - something is scaring him. I know this sounds crazy, but there could be an malevolent energy in the room that he can feel. Kids are more sensitive-has anyone died in the house? After my mother died, I put her rocker in my back bedroom, my son and his friend were terrified when they saw orbs in the room. I donated the chair and the orbs stopped… you might also try moving his bed into your room and see if he resists bedtime then… is he only scared in his room?


Did you ask him what he’s scared of?
Have you tried laying down in there until he falls asleep?
Maybe try keeping a calendar and mark all the days nothing scary happened, so he can physically see nothing is happening.
Do you ask him every morning how he slept and how his night was. Communication is really the key to finding out why he doesn’t want to sleep in his room.


Let him sleep in your room :woman_shrugging: I know it doesnt seem ideal, but he wont sleep with ya forever.