My son kissed another kid at daycare: Advice?

Today when getting my son from daycare, he planted a big kiss on a girl on the lips. My momma anxiety is freaking out, saying, “he’s too young!” and aside from that, these critters are contagious enough without contact. I don’t want him catching or passing anything more than he already will just by being there. How do I help him to understand that kisses with family are ok, but we shouldn’t be kissing other kids?


Teach consent. Did she say no did she pull away. He might have given her a kiss because he’s trying to express feelings of liking. Teach him that there are other ways to express feelings like talking, hugs or holding hands.


Teach him about consent? You could try and explain to him how he should ask before doing something like that and if someone says no then that’s perfectly fine and he should respect that? I’m not sure how old he is so I’m not sure about his level of comprehension but if hes old enough to understand maybe you could use a hypothetical situation involving him. Ask him how he wouldve felt if someone did something to him that he didnt want them to ? And say that little girl felt that way when he did that


I dont agree with that at all ^^…If that is something you do in your family then that is your decision but make sure your child knows that they never HAVE to do it. But with that being said I have no idea how you would explain not to kiss little girls at school lol I would just share and show him other approved ways of showing his friends affection.

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My parents made a no kissing rule until I was 16. Lol.
Maybe say kissing is not ok from anyone but mommy and daddy, but if you want you can hold hands. He’s so young he doesn’t understand, he probably just sees you guys do it and mimics behavior. I’ve had my daughter try to kiss me a little to long and I had stop her and redirect the attention. She’s only two and, like I said, is just doing what she says.


Just teach your kid it’s ok to show affection but when it comes to kissing on the lips it should only be done with mom and dad and not with anyone else

We tell our students kissing is for only our moms and dads. If you want to hug your friend, you need to ask. So sad we’ve come to this but w e need to teach children to respect each other’s personal space and bodies.


You didn’t mention his age, but I’m guessing he’s less than 5. I recently observed a preschool class, the teachers there tell the children “ kisses for home, hugs for school.”


I’m trying to teach my 20 month old son similar as he loves other kids. Iv been getting into the habit of asking him, It may sound bonkers to some but I’m hoping by doing so he will ask others in the future. Especially when he gose to school or even as a young man. I don’t want him growing up thinking he can touch others without their consent or even others touching him without his consent.

Our children link kissing to affection. They aren’t “forcing” kisses. Thats all they know. We smother our little ones in kisses all day because we love them. Preschool/daycare is their first place getting affection from other ppl other then family. Teach him. “Hugs in school kisses at home” but don’t scold him. He doesn’t know. My children had done the same. Even mouth kissing each other. They outgrew it and would never dare kissing anyone.


:joy: oh jingies not a kiss ! Wowsers thats sure hecker of a concern !

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I feel like a ton of these “fan questions” are made up. There can’t be this many hopelessly clueless parents raising kids can there? “How do I talk to my kids” like honestly? It’s your child. Are you so disconnected from them you don’t know how to communicate with them? It’s your child, if anyone knows how to handle the situation best it should be you. You know your child better than anyone. You should understand at what point they are in their ability to comprehend and understand concepts that they are at.


I work with kids as a behavior tech and we teach kissing is for family but you can hug or high five everyone else!

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Not sure how old the kid is, but he may just be seeing it as a way to show he cares for someone. It’s not inappropriate unless she doesn’t consent. Teach him consent and stop making it into something sexual that he’s “too young” for. :roll_eyes:

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Well it’s daycare, so he probably is too young for it to mean anything “inappropriate”. My son is three and I recently had to explain to him that kisses are for family :woman_shrugging:t3: my boy also gets along better with girls so I wouldn’t expect kissing a little girl to be anything more than him just being friendly and affectionate. This is a really good time to open a discussion on his body being his own and “stranger danger” and such. Good luck, don’t panic :hugs:

by not making it a big deal :roll_eyes:

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Been there with both of my kids. I had to keep saying “we keep our hands and lips to ourselves”

Young love :heart:. Our 3 year old had a girlfriend and she liked to plant a BIG one on him as a good by :kiss:. I’m sure her dad was thinking it’s way too early for this

Tell him lol at school we just tell the kids that kisses are for home not school, they understand

Leave it. If you make something of it he’ll learn to believe there’s something dirty or wrong about it when all it was was an innocent childhood gesture.

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