My son lies that my boyfriend abuses him: Advice?

My son has always had an issue with males. None have ever abused him, but they have gotten after him when he has been in trouble. The man I’m with now has done nothing but good for my son and I. within the last month, or so my son has been telling the family that he is not good to my son and that he hits him. This is most definitely not true. My son has made it to where my man is scared that someone is going to hear this and call authorities. I think he is acting out because he isn’t used to a man in his life and especially because he doesn’t always get what he wants anymore. I thought about taking him to therapy, but I’m scared that they will believe him and end up turning our world upside down. Has anyone else had issues with their young ones acting out due to a change in lifestyle, especially a lie like this? I’m home every day, so I know what the gas said is not true. It breaks my heart that my son has said this. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


If it was me I’d assume my son wasnt ready for me to date anyone. Better for everyone involved.


Take your son to therapy. The truth will come out then. Kids dont just make this shit up. Listen to him he’s YOUR son!

He is never with him for 1 minute alone EVER? that is hard to believe. Kids normally don’t lie about these things.


Your son is what matters. Not your love life. Even if he’s lying he’s doing this because something is wrong. Fix it.


Forget therapy. Hes jealous and wants him mom. Spend sometime with him


Listen to your kid!!!


He is telling the truth but your too scared of being alone that you refuse to believe it. This is both sad and disgusting. How you could take the word of a man you havent been with very long over your child is beyond me.


I would believe my kids over anyone. Even if it ended up nit being true. Those are your children. If they can’t trust you who do they go to?!


Therapy yes, spend 1 on 1 time with him…YES… come up with a game plan with him as a family.


I’m guessing he just doesn’t like it. And your son should ALWAYS come first. If he’s not ready for you to be dating and to have guys over, then you need to respect that. You also said male you’re with now, so maybe you’re bringing too many guys around him in the first place?? You need to have a heart to heart with your son and figure out what’s going on. I would ALWAYS believe my son first. I highly doubt he’s NEVER alone with your son.


First of all, always listen to your child, maybe he is telling fibs about him hitting him, but listen. If he is telling fibs, why?
Always listen to your child, even if what theyre saying is far fetched, theres usually something behind it.


Your child should always come first believe him.


Your son needs counseling because it seems all male figures have “left him” so now he’s pushing them away before they have the chance to hurt him. If that makes sense. Also the boyfriend and son need counseling together and also special “guy things”.


Therapy is exactly what he needs, regardless how it affects you.


I would take my child side. If my child is saying someone is hurting him/her I’m 100% going to believe my child over a man. Ain’t no way I would be looking into it.


Therapy is a good idea. You talk to the therapist first. Explain your concerns and that you want the truth.
I’ve known kids to lie abt this exact topic. Doesn’t mean your son is lying. If he is, there’s a reason and he hasn’t found a way to express it.
Having a few sessions with him and your bf isn’t a bad idea either.


Sounds like your son needs some counseling…

I’d believe my kids over any man any day. If hes doing this then SOMETHING IS WRONG. If he isnt coming to you and telling you these things then something has happened where he feels like he CANT tell you. Even if he just doesnt like the guy this should be your sign. I used to be your kid. I told my dad several times about the stuff that I was told when me and his girlfriend were alone while he was making dinner, he went to the bathroom, etc. Any chance this woman had alone with me she took it. Listen to him.

Therapy, but listen to your kid.